Hamilton Performance TYPED is Due April 4th!

posted Mar 23, 2018, 10:02 AM by Sydney Ruiz

You will not be able to go if you do not turn in or email your typed performance piece based on the founding era by April 4th to Mrs. Ruiz.

Have an AMAZING spring break! 

Yes! Film Club today!

posted Mar 22, 2018, 12:50 PM by Casandra Pagni

Change to Miss Jaruseski's Office Hours

posted Mar 22, 2018, 11:11 AM by Kate Jaruseski

Miss Jaruseski's office hours will be ending at 4:15 today.  Please be sure to see Miss Jaruseski before this time if you need to come to office hours.  Thank you!


posted Mar 22, 2018, 7:57 AM by Travis Davis

Students, please be aware that The Student Center is open from 3:45 pm until 5:15 pm.  Students are not allowed in the Student Center before 3:45 pm, unless they are with an adult. You may leave the building, go to another activity, or attend office hours before Student Center opens. In addition, students cannot wait in Rm 140 J  before Student Center opens unless with an adult. Thank You.

Girls Soccer Practice Today

posted Mar 22, 2018, 7:01 AM by Kara Young

Girls Soccer will have practice today at 4:30 in 237 - dressed and ready to go!

Student Dress Code for Friday, March 23rd

posted Mar 22, 2018, 6:33 AM by Casandra Pagni   [ updated Mar 22, 2018, 6:35 AM ]

Student Dress Code for Friday, 3/23:  As a reward for your hard work leading into Spring Break, Baker Students may wear any Baker or Noble top and gym shoes to school tomorrow (Baker/Noble hoodies = OK). 

All other school uniform rules apply: students must have a black belt, khaki dress pants, and adhere to the same hair/piercing/tattoo rules as normal. 

Baker/Noble tops must be unaltered, meaning there can be no writing, cuts, or other alterations made to the top. Please bring your school uniform in your backpack as a backup; otherwise, dress code infractions will result in demerits and/or D.A. if not correctable. 

Softball Practice- Cancelled

posted Mar 21, 2018, 1:04 PM by Yesenia Santoyo

Please stop by the main office to see Ms. Santoyo 

Clean Weeks 03.21.18

posted Mar 21, 2018, 12:52 PM by DeJuan Henderson

Bonds, Daisean MichaelHealy, Sean9
Oliver, J'Dell Lawrence-MykelHealy, Sean9
Robinson, Keon MarquisHealy, Sean9
Ware, Duvaill DavonHealy, Sean9
Canchola, AlexandraPagni, Casandra9
Eddings, MartinaPagni, Casandra9
Kindred, SharmainePagni, Casandra9
Malone, PatriciaPagni, Casandra9
Aponte Marcucci, Natanael IsaacRuiz, Sydney9
Gordon, Atlas LoweRuiz, Sydney9
Mercier, ChristianRuiz, Sydney9
Montgomery, ChristianRuiz, Sydney9
Perez, Jose ArturoRuiz, Sydney9
East, Arbrialla KSmith, Nia9
Henderson, Faith La'CheSmith, Nia9
Lewis, Ar'NiyaSmith, Nia9
Little, Serenidy LenwonaSmith, Nia9
McNair, Simone RavenSmith, Nia9
Redmond, CarlishaSmith, Nia9
Goston, Demontae ATaylor, Kelsey9
Hopgood, DonnellTaylor, Kelsey9
Meza-Vazquez, CristianTaylor, Kelsey9
Torres, JulianTaylor, Kelsey9
Webster, KeetoTaylor, Kelsey9
Adokou, Essi BenedicteWu, Janie9
Flores, KarinaWu, Janie9
Mayfield, Trinity StarrWu, Janie9
Olawole, Blessing OpeyemiWu, Janie9
Tafolla, LizbethWu, Janie9
Bingham, Vidal MarteseJordan, Ashley10
Bradshaw, Tyler MarionJordan, Ashley10
Coleman, MelvinJordan, Ashley10
Doucoure, AbdoullayeJordan, Ashley10
Mendez, RolandoJordan, Ashley10
Tomlin-Black, BashamJordan, Ashley10
Wilson, JahaanJordan, Ashley10
Bell, Alicia AriannaLewis, Kyle10
Boyd, Kayla CelesteLewis, Kyle10
Bradshaw, TeonnaLewis, Kyle10
Burke, Keturah FatimaLewis, Kyle10
Cage, Den'nasia Ja'sireLewis, Kyle10
Deloach, DominiqueLewis, Kyle10
Godell-Chandler, Makayla LynnLewis, Kyle10
Holcombe, BriannaLewis, Kyle10
Jean-Baptiste, AthalieLewis, Kyle10
Jimenez, YaretziLewis, Kyle10
Johnson, JenniferLewis, Kyle10
Keenan, Dejarae ALewis, Kyle10
Logan, Jacqui Monee JikenlyLewis, Kyle10
McDougle, JazzmanLewis, Kyle10
Seamon, Mya ALewis, Kyle10
Watson, DalindaLewis, Kyle10
Webster, KylieLewis, Kyle10
Whitaker, Kaylan AlyssaLewis, Kyle10
Barnes, Alisha GensisMagar, Julie10
Brown, Zion Iman AdriannaMagar, Julie10
Clark, Heaven MyahMagar, Julie10
Marshall, Shalonda ShalowmMagar, Julie10
McAllister, ShaniaMagar, Julie10
Scott, KaveonaMagar, Julie10
Spencer, KylahMagar, Julie10
Sullivan, Angelique SadeMagar, Julie10
Yesufu, HameedahMagar, Julie10
Lofton, RayvonSmith, Andre10
Robinson, JaleneSmith, Andre10
Colford III, Virges LemarAjose, Ade11
Hall, TyrellAjose, Ade11
Hill, Danny RayAjose, Ade11
Williams, DellAjose, Ade11
Adetowubo, Adesola AderinsolaDunn, Nicole11
Henning, Ni'Sierra DorshaDunn, Nicole11
Howard, Aniya KennedyDunn, Nicole11
Hutchinson, FranshanDunn, Nicole11
Jones, Marlondra AshaDunn, Nicole11
McDuffey, Jada ADunn, Nicole11
Pickens, JasminDunn, Nicole11
Sawyer, Courtne NicoleDunn, Nicole11
Spencer, Kayla EDunn, Nicole11
Torres, Leslian IIIechDunn, Nicole11
Cooley, JamonteEsquivel, Juan11
Godell-Chandler, Dylan JosephEsquivel, Juan11
Hudson, DarrickEsquivel, Juan11
Johnson, Josue Ariel AndradesEsquivel, Juan11
Kyles, KristopherEsquivel, Juan11
Lopez, CristhianEsquivel, Juan11
Moore, Malik LavellEsquivel, Juan11
Muhammed, AbdulEsquivel, Juan11
Sandoval, Josiah AbrahamEsquivel, Juan11
Jackson, Arvilia JohnelloliviGilstrap, Jasmine11
Johnson, RoneciaGilstrap, Jasmine11
McCain, Na'QuaGilstrap, Jasmine11
Moore, Diamond KennedyGilstrap, Jasmine11
Mosley-Johnson, Evonia FantasiaGilstrap, Jasmine11
Roussel, Megan MarieGilstrap, Jasmine11
Rudd, ArielleGilstrap, Jasmine11
Wheeler, KaylinGilstrap, Jasmine11
Johnson, VaneiciaHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Moore, Chrystal MonaHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Odunsi, Debra OyinkansolaHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Portis, Renell CamilleHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Stokes, Shardaja AlindaHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Thomas, JaniyahHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Williams, Ahmya NakiaHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Winters, Taija ShantellHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Young, Tyanni MichelleHoopingarner, Adrienne11
Buenaventura, Natalia JacquelJaruseski, Kate11
Chukwu, Anita OnyekaJaruseski, Kate11
Coleman, Sheridan MJaruseski, Kate11
Lumpkins, ChynaJaruseski, Kate11
Page, Camari JaneJaruseski, Kate11
Alcorn-Hart, Deviione GabrielSnitker, Derek11
Brackett, JamesSnitker, Derek11
Cage, Dontrell LiddellSnitker, Derek11
Clady-Kinard, Jaylan JSnitker, Derek11
Harris, Joshua YohonSnitker, Derek11
McGowan, QwestonSnitker, Derek11
Booker, Mariah JeneaYoung, Kara11
Franco, NoelanyYoung, Kara11
Gearring, BritneyYoung, Kara11
Johnson, Nykiera JIYoung, Kara11
Kelley, Yasmine SincereYoung, Kara11
Lewis, Carolyn MarieYoung, Kara11
Little, Deyania AirianiaYoung, Kara11
Lopez, JenniferYoung, Kara11
Miller, JadaYoung, Kara11
Aguilera, EricaArrigo, Mary12
Anderson-Hudson, Alyssa SimoneArrigo, Mary12
Colbert, CarleeArrigo, Mary12
Jones, Shanice LenaArrigo, Mary12
Jones, Shirley CamiliaArrigo, Mary12
Seamon, Marqiana AArrigo, Mary12
Hankins-Taylor, DiamondHenderson, DeJuan12
Hayes-Gibbs, Maxine YvonneHenderson, DeJuan12
Hudson, Brianna JHenderson, DeJuan12
Hughes, Danyel DejahHenderson, DeJuan12
Lancaster, Myra EHenderson, DeJuan12
Miller, Jules ElizaHenderson, DeJuan12
Oaks, Jessica CrystalHenderson, DeJuan12
Trice, Keandra La'toyaHenderson, DeJuan12
Young, Tiye AnnHenderson, DeJuan12
Campbell, Kristin AlexandraMeyer, Samantha12
Ibizugbe, IdiaMeyer, Samantha12
Malone, Kamilah PatriciaMeyer, Samantha12
Muhammad, Kasmela LMeyer, Samantha12
Ouattara, AdjaMeyer, Samantha12
Price, Asia ReneeMeyer, Samantha12
Sherman, Kacie LeahMeyer, Samantha12
Singleton, NashoneceMeyer, Samantha12
Bias, SamuelRynne, James12
Collins, Kewaun JeromeRynne, James12
Dunlap, Jaylen KeshaunRynne, James12
Enochs, AntwanRynne, James12
Hopkins, DevonRynne, James12
McCree, KapriceRynne, James12
Stover, Mark AnthonyRynne, James12
Williams, Lenell RRynne, James12
Al-Amin, Hassan IbnThomas, Solly12
Banks, TravonThomas, Solly12
Bias, Christian CliftonThomas, Solly12
Douglas, Kirk DaelanThomas, Solly12
Greer, JalenThomas, Solly12
Greer, JustinThomas, Solly12
Henderson, Jaylan JoshuaThomas, Solly12
Hopkins, DeshawnThomas, Solly12
Huerta, TrinidadThomas, Solly12
Hutchinson, QuinyattaThomas, Solly12
Long, Angelo MarquiseThomas, Solly12
Ross, Darrell CharlesThomas, Solly12
Sampson, CordellThomas, Solly12
Stevens, Takoda CreasyThomas, Solly12
Strong, Dwight DavidThomas, Solly12
Travis, Freddie DePriestThomas, Solly12
Easterling, Xavier AhmadWright, Jennifer12
Gutierrez, Luis RWright, Jennifer12
Herrera, VictorWright, Jennifer12
Holcombe, Damond JacquiceWright, Jennifer12
Rogers, Redgrick JevanWright, Jennifer12
Stackhouse, NatpriWright, Jennifer12
Webster, KahlilWright, Jennifer12
Williams, Rahmon AdrianWright, Jennifer12


posted Mar 21, 2018, 12:42 PM by Sydney Ruiz

If you are going to the Hamilton trip and want some help or just some time to work on your performance piece, come to Mrs. Ruiz's room, 225, right after school!  We will be here from 3:35-4:30 and chrome books will be available.

REMEMBER your Hamilton original performance piece is due April 3rd (the day after spring break).  This will reserve your ticket!

If you have any questions email

Track 2018

posted Mar 21, 2018, 12:39 PM by Shaun Borland

The requirements for track are now available. Track practice will start the day we get back from spring break Tuesday April 3, 2018. In order to be able to practice you must complete the following.

Sign letter of commitment
pay enrichment fee before practice on 4/3
Have current physical on file

See Mr. Borland today or tomorrow after school today or tomorrow to get commitment letter.
Find Mr. Borland in
Wednesday - room 229
Thursday- room 137

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