Welcome to Baker College Online's
Virtual Academic Resource Center
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The Baker College Online Virtual Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a leading research and learning center whose goal is to  promote, support, and encourage academic maturity and excellence in its students, regardless of level of education  and experience in the field. 

The Virtual ARC houses the Writing Center, Math Center, Consulting/Tutoring Services Center, and Career Services Center. To access the Writing Center, Math Center, Consulting/Tutoring Services Center, or the Career Services Center, use the navigation bar to the left. 

Philosophy and Goals of the Baker Proud Virtual Academic Resource Center:

  •      Maximize student potential for Baker College success and beyond
  •     Encourage students to see the application of learning outside the classroom (online or physical)
  •     Support students in strengthening their academic backgrounds, through assistance in comprehending course materials, such as assignments, the course textbook, or lecture.
  •     Cultivate an environment which supports improving overall learning and study skills.

Emphasis is placed on the needs of each individual student and on flexibility in meeting those needs.

Consultants can help you: understand an assignment, help at any stage of the writing process, understand concepts,  theories, and applications, and much more!

Consultants will not: do your homework, take a test or quiz for you, or write/edit your paper.

Whether you want help with managing your time, understanding the material, becoming a better writer, or becoming a better student, the Virtual ARC will help get you on the path to academic and professional  success!