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gMail Themes: Dynamic Content

posted Aug 9, 2014, 9:40 PM by Matthew Bailey
Did you know that certain Gmail themes change with the weather, time of day, or day of the week? You can tell which themes change by going to Settings > Themes and looking for an icon in the lower right hand corner of the theme's thumbnail image. Select the thumbnail and enter your location to see the theme change in accordance with your surroundings.

Themes with the sun icon, such as the "Tree" theme to the left, change with the weather. Themes with the boxes icon, such as the "Orcas Island" theme to the left, change with the day of the week. Themes with the clock icon, such as the "Tea House" theme to the left, change with the time of day. 

After selecting a dynamic content theme, be sure to set your location at the bottom of the settings page so that gMail customizes the correct content.