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gMail Feature: Account Activity Details

posted Aug 17, 2014, 3:40 PM by Matthew Bailey
Few people have every REALLY looked at their inbox. Have you ever noticed the activity monitor at the bottom right-hand side of your inbox? This section gives you more information about your account activity. In the first example, gMail is happy; the last time my account was used was 2 days ago and there are no "red flags". In the second example, gMail thinks there could be a problem and is concerned that I am logged-in to this account from two places at once and both sessions have activity within the last minute.
Also, there is an available link to see "Details". Inside the details window, gMail provides its best estimation of your usage including a list of known IP addresses and their estimated location. When gMail is accessed through a local network, the geolocation is pretty accurate. However, when accessing your gMail through cellular data, it can be thousands of miles off.
Also, in the "Details" window, there is a very useful button that allows you to sign out of ALL sessions. This is particularly useful if you forget to log off of a library computer or student computer.