The zip file below has the best of the homecoming pictures from Torii's house. I tried to include one from each pose and each group. I posted them with the intent of having the fastest turn around possible (4 hours is not a lot of editing time). If you would like to see any of the images in black and white, sepia, any other color tones, or with selective coloring, just ask; It doesn't take too long to make edits to the images, it just might take a few days for me to get to it.

Also, included in the zip is a "Copyright Release Form". If you are using a third party service to print the images (walgreens, cvs, walmart, etc.) they have the right to ask you for proof that you own the copyright to professional quality images. This form is your documentation, if you need it. You can also have them call me, 513-284-8714.

I hope you enjoy,

Download instructions (written using Google Chrome; if you use a different browser, you may see something different):
Click "View" below.
The link will open in a new tab. At the top of the new page is a link that looks like a down arrow pointing to a flat line.
Save it somewhere on your computer.
When the download completes, open and enjoy.
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