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Youth Learn about the “Right of God”

posted Feb 14, 2016, 5:13 AM by National Assemly- -Rwanda   [ updated Feb 14, 2016, 5:16 AM ]
Kigali: January 17, 2016

Almost two dozen Baha’i youth gathered in a Kigali home recently to learn about the Baha’i law of Huququ’llah, the “Right of God”. The gathering focused specifically on themes relating to young adults who are at the beginning of their professional lives. 

Participants followed a presentation about the meaning and the importance of the law of Huququ'llah. They learned that once Baha’is have taken care of their basic living needs and paid their debts, 19% of their remaining wealth can be considered the “Right of God”. This amount should be voluntarily paid to the Universal House of Justice for use in promoting humanitarian and philanthropic causes.

The youth discussed how to meet this spiritual obligation when they start working and when they get married: How can young adults achieve a balance between the pursuit of material prosperity and developing spiritual virtues? Why should young adults acquire a profession? Why is work mandated for everyone? How should wealth be used? How can young adults keep a balance between work, family, and Baha'i obligations and activities?

The youth present participated actively in this dynamic discussion, basing their comments on a set of Baha’i writings intended to educate the community about Huququ’llah.

The meeting was held at the suggestion of the International Board of Huququ'llah, which asked the Trustees and the Representatives of Huququ'llah around the world to give more emphasis to the education of youth, particularly young professionals.