Our faith

포틀랜드 갈보리장로교회는 미국장로교회 Cascade 노회에 소속 되고 미장로교 한인교회 전국총회(NCKPC)와 연합하는 교회로서 1988 8 7설립되었습니다.

The Portland Calvary Korean Church was established on August 7, 1988 as a member of the Cascade Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and NCKPC.

  1. Our church is the God's mission community that participates in the meeting of the Creator God with the dark world as an instrument and a seed of the Lord.


  2. Our church is an ecumenical evangelical community that will be a best witness to Jesus Christ in all realms of life - personal, cultural and socio-economic, at the same time  respects the spirit of the Lausanne Covenant 1974.

  3. Our church is a stewardship community that rely on the blood of Christ and the Word of God, respecting other's gifts for love and service for the virtue goodness and happiness of the Christian community.

* Past Senior Pastors


1. Rev. Gye Wan Jin

 2. Rev. Yoo Bai Kim 

     3. Rev. Jae Doo Chung 

   4.  Rev. Sung Man Kim