Our pastor


  * 장로회신학대(신대원), 파리정치대학(HEIP) Diplôme de 3e cycle (MA equivalent/ 1999), 상트페테르부르크 국립대학교 MA (국제관계/ 2006), 베를린자유대학교  Candidate of PhD (국제관계/ 2011), 프랑크푸르트대학교 Fakultätsexamen(MA equivalent)  PhD(조직신학). * 러시아, 오스트리아/슬로바키아 선교사로 활동 

  Pastor Dongin Baek (白東印목사), has been appointed by the presbytery of Cascade as our new senior pastor here at Calvary Korean church in December 1, 2015.  Pastor BAEK, has been ordained by the Presbyterian church of Korea (PCK) and comes to us from Jeju Presbytery of PCK.  Pastor Baek was born in Gurye and raised in Jeju, Korea, the oldest son of 7 children of Soonhee and Insoo Baek.  After graduating high school in Jeju, he studied the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Seoul, Korea.

  After graduating from the seminary, he served for two years as chaplain for the prostitute women of the General Assembly of PCK, and as an evangelist of Dongsung church in Dongducheon.

  He was ordained as a pastor from the Seoul North Presbytery of PCK on April 30, 1985. He was asked by the General Assembly to continue working as chaplain for the prostitute women, but in order to fulfill his dream of a theologian, he went to Germany, which led the theological world at that time.

  In 1985 he entered at Tübingen University, Germany. He was interested in majoring systematic theology. He met there Professor Jürgen Moltmann, a well-known global theologian, and soon he became a doctoral student of Professor Moltmann. However, he decided to leave Tübingen University in two years.  The reason he left Tübingen University and Professor Moltmann is the theological reason. His professor Moltmann was basically Barthian, but he took the theological position of Emil Brunner, who had a theological debate with Karl Barth in 1934 on natural theology. The second reason he left Tübingen was for financial reasons. At the time, he needed to be financially self-sufficient, as well as studying. In Frankfurt, it was a very suitable environment for studying and working, rather than in the small town Tübingen. There many Koreans living there, as well as many Korean banks and businesses. The third reason was due to the acquisition of ancient Greek, Latin, and Old Testament Hebrew languages. In order to write them in academic essays in the Old Testament Seminar, New Testament Seminar, and Historical Theological Seminar, it was necessary to move to other universities with courses that specialize in classical languages. And at the end of the course of all kinds of hardships, he was able to finish his degree in the grace of God

  He completed finally his PhD in Systematic Theology under the tutelage of Professor Yorick Spiegel at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in 1995.  After completing his PhD, pastor Baek served as Presbyterian missionary in St. Petersburg until 2007, then he taught Korean Studies at the University of Vienna and Theology at the Comenius University in Bratislava while serving on new mission field until early 2011 at the same time. 

  From 1997 to 2006 he served as a missionary and at the same time continued a series of political / international relations degrees used seasonal semesters. Those university degrees were decided by his looking at the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula and wanting to know more about God's will in the future. When he thought that the time he had promised to commit to God as a missionary was over, he returned to his country after finishing his missionary work in Austria and Slovakia. After returning from his long missionary career, he returned to Seoul as a visiting professor for two and a half years to study the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula. During that time, he established a Chinese church for Chinese professors and international students at Seoul National University and continued Chinese mission. In fact, he started his first ministry in his life in Kingston, Canada, but at the time he was called a Russian missionary and was forced to stop his first ministry. While he was a missionary, and while continuing his degree course, he could not hide his light heart for his first ministry, America continent. Finally, in 2014, he decided to return to the United States, where he was called to ministry for the first time. But the road did not open shortly. God's call was clear, but it was unclear where to go.

  Through his friend pastor Jhee in Vancouver, Washington, he was introduced his next ministry, and interviewed representatives of Calvary Korean church in Portland. However, the church did not easily determine him for the financial reasons needed to invite him and his family in Korea. He returned home after the interview and was confident that he had been called to the United States. But the time of the call was still unclear. In such a situation, he was obliged to be appointed to another ministry in Korea after finishing the contract with Seoul National University. At that time, he was called to a church in Jeju Island where he grew up as a child. The church was Chukwang church in Jeju, which had a kindergarten and about 120 members from kindergarten to adult. Where he served the church for 14 months until he obtained an official invitation from the Calvary Korean Church and eventually entered the United States on 26 November 2014. His Calvary Korean Church ministry was approved by the Cascade Presbytery on December 1.

  He received a retired missionary award from the Bangpa Mission in 2015, which sent him to Russia and Europe.

  His wife Eunhye, studied Russian language in Korea and Russia, and now serving our church as musician. He has two sons, Neil and Daniel. 

  Pastor Baek is enthusiastic about joining the Calvary Korean family and looks forward to serving you.

(photo 1-2-3) The Baptism for the first Christians Including the Korean pop singer “The Won” of the Sola Gratia Church in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul 2014. (photo 4) In June 2012 was held “the great debate regarding the life theology”  with Professor J. Moltmann who is widely known as the "Theology of Hope" at the 100th Anniversary Memorial Hall of the Korean Church.