This website is intended to assist you in choosing your career, educating yourself on your career of choice, and preparing yourself for your future!!

2017-2018 Student Needs Assessment

Planning for your Future Timeline!

Freshman Year
  • Take Career Inventory
  • Research 5-10 different careers you are interested in

Sophomore Year
  • Narrow Down Career Choice to 1-4 Careers
  • Educate yourself on the type of training required
  • Decide if Career Center will help you achieve your career goals

Junior Year
  • College Bound Students: 
    • Make your career choice, or narrow it down
    • Find out what colleges offer the program you are interested in and research colleges
    • Make college choice
  • Military Students:
    • Contact Military Recruiter
    • Schedule a visit with the Recruiter
    • Prepare for ASVAB
  • Trade/Vocational Students:
    • Find where you can get certificates or degrees for your field
    • Chose a school to receive your training