This website is intended to assist you in choosing your career, educating yourself on your career of choice, and preparing yourself for your future!!

Planning for your Future Timeline!

Freshman Year
  • Take Career Inventory
  • Research 5-10 different careers you are interested in

Sophomore Year
  • Narrow Down Career Choice to 1-4 Careers
  • Educate yourself on the type of training required
  • Decide if Career Center will help you achieve your career goals

Junior Year
  • College Bound Students: 
    • Make your career choice, or narrow it down
    • Find out what colleges offer the program you are interested in and research colleges
    • Make college choice
  • Military Students:
    • Contact Military Recruiter
    • Schedule a visit with the Recruiter
    • Prepare for ASVAB
  • Trade/Vocational Students:
    • Find where you can get certificates or degrees for your field
    • Chose a school to receive your training