bacher consulting gmbh

benefit from our expertise in global SAP projects, process consulting and custom solution development. bacher consulting is specialised in SAP PPM (project- and portfolio management) and covers all integration aspects to ERP and other backend systems.

solution benefit
our aim is to design and implement PPM solutions that work, meaning that value is created on all levels:
  • portfolio management: increased transparency, realtime reporting, strategic decision support
  • project management: faster identification and response to changes, efficient project monitoring
  • project team members: easier task management and confirmation, needed information available

solution scope overview
using the right products from within the SAP portfolio, you can cover all phases of the project lifefycle: from early idea to execution to final product.
the main objectives depend on the phase of the idea/project. we can help to  reach the set goals by using the right tools.

over the lifetime of an idea/project, the focus of activities and work execution tends to shift from flexibility towards standardization. talk to us how this gap can be bridged!

please contact us for further details on possible solutions, applications and process redesign.