CTE Enhancement Fund 40% Application

A complete application requires submission of an application form and a budget spreadsheet
  • CTE Enhancement Fund 40% Application Form
    • The Application Form will generally be filled out by the lead college. It asks questions that apply to the project as a whole.
    • You don't have to complete the form in one sitting, but you must click through to the end and submit the form to save what has been entered.
    • You will use the link above only once. After you exit this form you will be emailed a link that will allow you to return to the form with the entries you have made. You may share this link with others who are assisting in completion of the form. No more than one person should be working in the form at any given time. If this happens, the last person to submit the form will overwrite the responses of those who submitted earlier.
    • The Application Form is submitted by indicating at the end of the form that you have completed and certified your application. This will forward the application to your regional consortium.
    • Off-line Word Application    Off-line Google Doc Application (please make copy of this)
      Word and Google Doc versions of the application. Either may be used to develop application responses that can then be copied into the on-line version.
  • CTE Enhancement Fund 40% Budget Form
      • The Budget Form contains a summary worksheet and a worksheet for each participating college. Two versions of the budget form are available: Excel and Google Sheet. Either one may be used.
    • Please name the Budget Form with the same name you use to title your proposal in the application form.
    • Email the completed Budget Form file (if Excel) or link (if Google Sheet) to ef@regionalconsortia.net 
    • Excel Budget Form
      • The lead college may wish to populate the Summary Sheet and then make copies of the Excel spreadsheet for each participating college. When the copies are returned, each college's responses may be copied and pasted into the master spreadsheet.
    • Google Budget Form 
      • Make a copy of this form. Do not edit the original! 
    • Sample Budget Form
      • An Excel spreadsheet that contains sample entries. 
    • Budget Form Instructions
      • PDF with step-by-step instructions for filling out budget form
Questions or problems with the forms? Email ef@regionalconsortia.net

Questions about what kinds of expenses are allowed? See FAQ page 

FAQ about the application process

Q: What's the best way for a team to develop an application collaboratively?
A: Only one person can have the online application open at the same time. If you have several people working on an application you'll probably have less grief if you use one of the off-line versions to develop the application and then copy and paste your responses into the application. The Google Doc version allows multiple people to be editing the same document simultaneously. 

Q: For the 60% applications our college president had to visit a website and provide a code to certify the application. Is something similar required for this application?
A: No. We have simplified the process. Colleges are responsible for ensuring that the college leadership stands behind the proposal as being compliant with the CTE Enhancement Fund requirements and is committed to executing the proposal. The online application requires that you identify the person who is making this commitment on behalf of your college (usually your CEO, CIO, or CBO). When your application is complete and you check the Ready for Certification option, the person you have identified is copied on the email forwarding your application to your Regional Consortium. No action is required on the part of the college leader. A person with authority to sign for the college will of course have to sign off on the grant contract when it is awarded.