SWP Expenditure Reporting

This webpage will guide you through the NOVA fiscal reporting process and the BACCC invoice process. Both processes are necessary for 100% reimbursement of Strong Workforce Program expenditures.


After login, if you need help, encounter any unexpected issues, have a question, need to assign different roles or user permissions for your college - launch NOVA, then select Help on the lower left side navigation panel. Fill out the requested information and you will be contacted by a NOVA support team member.

If a BACCC team member can assist you, please send email to help@baccc.net

Allowable Use of Funds Resources

Chancellor’s Office Strong Workforce FAQs Among other FAQs this provides CO guidance on spend down of funds.

Chancellor’s Office Guidance Memos

We recommend starting with the CO’s Sept 16, 2016 Strong Workforce Guidance Memo. It contains standards for the most commonly asked guidance questions

NOVA Fiscal Reporting


NOVA Fiscal Reporting Process Steps and Tools - This step-by-step guide will provide guidance and tools to complete fiscal reporting

The NOVA SWP report  Complete this request form to receive a static report via email that displays NOVA budgets, expenditures and other items for your institution

BACCC Invoice for Expenditure Reimbursement

BACCC Invoice for Reimbursement - Please contact kate@baccc.net to have the invoice template emailed to you

Rubric for evaluation of Regional Fund invoice - Follow the same audit guide used by BACCC to review your Invoice and financial documents before submitting for expenditure reimbursement. We need documentation that allows us to fulfill our responsibilities to the Chancellor’s Office and we’d like to do this in a way that does not create too much more work for you.

Here are some examples of what is needed. 


  1. Invoices should match up with the General Ledger and with the latest quarterly report submitted in NOVA. That is, every dollar of expenditure reported in your invoice should be tied to a GL account and a particular project in NOVA. That expense should be described in your NOVA project. We will ask you to certify this in your invoice.
        What we like to see

Your General Ledger shows that you have spent $20,000 in faculty salaries. Your latest quarterly NOVA reports show that you have spent $12,000 in faculty salaries for a project to redesign your Welding program curriculum and $8,000 in faculty salaries for professional development for your Early Childhood Education program.


What is a problem

Your general ledger shows $50,000 in expenditures in professional services in the 5000 category. In your latest quarterly NOVA reports, we see that you had reported the expenditure of $20,000 to a consultant to develop a new program in diesel mechanics and $10,000 to a consultant for project managing the development of pathway between the adult education programs and your Hospitality program. We can find no record in your NOVA reports of the expenditure of the remaining $30,000 in the 5000 category.


  1. Invoices should include documentation that allows us to reconcile the invoice with printouts of your General Ledger and with your quarterly report in NOVA. There are a number of ways in which this requirement may be met.


          What we like to see

  1. Your General Ledger shows expenses by project in the same way they are reported in NOVA. This is easy - all we need is a printout of your detailed General Ledger. If the project names are different, you might need to provide us with a key or annotate the GL. Some colleges assign top codes as a project name, which is very useful for NOVA project cross-referencing.

  2. Your general ledger doesn’t break out expenses by project, but you have a spreadsheet or other system that tracks expenses by project that is reconciled with the general ledger. Send us printouts of your GL and your spreadsheet with some direction about how the two are reconciled.

  3. You aren’t so fortunate as to be able to do either of the above. Provide us with a printout of the general ledger that allows us to at least reconcile the total amounts reported by object code in the General Ledger with the total amounts by object code across all projects reported in NOVA. Ideally, you would annotate the GL so that we can track every expenditure to its project, but we know that for some of you that could take days of work. In this case, provide us with the level of detail that you are able to do without too much trouble. We may ask for more detail once we see what you send us.