• RJV Year 3 Voting Results
    The results of the first round of voting on RJVs. This prioritized list is used by the RJV Committee to prepare recommendations to the region on which RJVs to fund at what level
  • RJV Index:
    Go here to review and join existing Regional Joint Ventures or to propose a new one
  • RJV Overview
    Description of Regional Joint Ventures, how they are formed and funded
  • Year 3 RJV Committee
    Committee with responsibility for reviewing prioritized list of RJVs and preparing recommendations to colleges on which to fund, at what level and for what duration


Monday, April 22 to
   Monday, April 29, 6 pm
Colleges prioritize RJVs
Each college has 100 points to allocate to the proposed RJVs. No more than 25 points may be assigned to any one RJV. RJVs must obtain at least 110 points to be eligible for funding
 Tuesday, April 30Ranked List of RJVs posted here
RJV Leads notified
Top ranked RJVs invited to submit proposals on NOVA    
 Friday, May 3 Due date for submission of prioritized RJVs into NOVA   
 First half of May    RJV Committee and BACCC staff evaluate prioritized RJVs, prepare recommendations regarding which RJVs to fund, at what amounts, over what length of time
 Mid to late MayRJV Committee recommendations go out to colleges for vote. If less than 2/3 of colleges accept the recommendation it is returned to the committee for further consideration
 Late May - early June    RJV funds are distributed to participating colleges through augmentations to their SWP Regional Fund contracts

Year 1 and Year 2 RJV Reports

BACCC staff are developing a reporting template for RJVs funded in years 1 and 2. 

For more information

For more information on a particular RJV, contact the RJV lead. RJV leads are listed in the RJV's Project Sheet. Links to each RJV's project sheet can be found in the RJV Index at

For more information on RJVs in general, formation and funding of RJVs, contact
Rock Pfotenhauer, Chair                                       Kit O'Doherty, Director
o:831.479.6482, c, txt:831-212-7207                     650.560.9798                                           

For assistance with entering RJVs into NOVA, RJV contracts, or with NOVA reporting, contact
Kate Raymundo, Strong Workforce Program Project Manager

For help with obtaining labor market information to inform the development of RJVs, contact    
John Carrese,, 415-452-5529
Doreen O'Donovan,, 831-479-6481