Regional Joint Ventures 2016-17

BACCC convened Strong Workforce Program (SWP) Regional Planning meetings, seeking engagement of an array of mandated stakeholders, to work on a Regional Plan due to the state on January 31, 2017.

Meetings focused on capturing multi-stakeholder interests around two topics:
  1. Regional Labor Market Priorities
  2. Regional Joint Ventures
For purposes of the latter, BACCC has developed this Regional Joint Ventures (RJV) Index.

The Index is akin to an online “marketplace”. A place where stakeholders can come together to share individual interests and see who else has similar interests, thereby beginning to surface collective interests that may be worthy of co-investing in. Those ideas that gain traction (i.e., enough interested partners and leadership/coordination/convening capacity) may be integrated into the Regional Plan. NOTE: Any RJVs that colleges decide to invest SWP funds in, would be listed in NOVA, which calls for more detail e.g., leadership for the effort, co-investors, a workplan, a budget, projected impact on the metrics, etc.

It is hoped that the Index and the Regional Labor Market Priorities (yet to come) will help inform college 60% Local and 40% Regional Share investments and surface the RJVs that the region may want to include in our Regional Plan.
  • Review of Proposals Requesting RJV Funds  including criteria, summaries of RJV proposals requesting SWP support, metrics for Launchboard & EMSI. 

  • Strong Workforce Program, Year 1 - RJV Vote - All Proposed Projects Funded

FY16/17 Round of Funding Timeline: Allocation of $1,067,590 40% Regional Share to RJVs




Deadline for posting RJVs to index (to be eligible to seek support from the $1M)


BACCC Monthly Call: overview process


Deadline for declaring intent to seek funds


Deadline for submitting proposals on Regional Platform


Voting Begins, Metrics/LMI Posted (colleges will rank with 100 point spread)


BACCC Monthly Call - pitches from RJVs/questions


Voting Ends


Announce voting results, start appeal period, negotiate funding for proposal on cusp


Appeal period ends


Announce final awards


All 40%, 60% proposals finalized




3/24/17 Regional Joint Venture Fund Voting Results

Congratulations to those involved in the seven Regional Joint Ventures that requested funding from the RJV Fund. All proposals received more than the minimum 210 points required for funding. Vote totals are listed below. Votes by college are available at RJV College Votes. Both are also available at under Strong Workforce Program.

Our timeline provided for a 1 week appeal period, but given that all proposals were funded that is no longer necessary, so we will consider the decision process complete. We will be in touch with the RJV Leads with information about the next steps to secure the funds.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience and participation in this process. We know how busy you all are. As always we are eager to learn from this experience. If the region elects to repeat this or a similar process, we will be looking to you for feedback.

Vote Totals - see above

Rock Pfotenhauer, Chair                     Kit O'Doherty, Director

o:831.479.6482, c:831-212-7207         650.560.9798                          

3/14/17 - Voting on RJV Proposals

Hello BACCC College Reps and RJV Leads!

The deadline to request support from the $1,067,590 RJV Fund is now past.

7 RJVs are requesting support totaling $887,000. Three other RJVs have agreed they need more time and will submit requests for next year’s fund if we repeat this process. While all RJVs could be funded in full, with $180,590 left over, we still need a vote to ensure colleges vote on what to fund, or not fund, as the case may be.

This email formally opens the voting period which will end on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

We are asking BACCC College Reps to consult with your college leadership to register your college’s vote. Details about how to vote can be found at Instructions for Voting on RJV Proposals.

All of the above to keep pace with the timeline below.

RJV Leads, please see the 3/16 BACCC call details below should you like the opportunity to briefly present your project to the region!

Timeline - see above

Rock Pfotenhauer, Chair                      Kit O'Doherty, Director

o:831.479.6482, c:831-212-7207         650.560.9798                           

2/10/17 - Reminder: February 15 deadline for posting RJVs to be considered by $1M RJV Fund

Just a reminder that on the 1/19/17 BACCC Call we decided that RJVs that wished to be considered for funding from the $1M RJV fund must be posted to the RJV Index ( by Wednesday, February 15.

$1M Regional Joint Venture Fund

At the 1/12/17 meeting of the CTE Leadership Group, it was decided to allocate $1,067,590 of Regional Funds to support Regional Joint Ventures (RJVs). These are regional-scale projects that involve multiple colleges as well as other stakeholders. In many cases RJVs are being supported by the participating colleges utilizing their shares of the 40% Regional Funds. The $1M RJV Fund can provide additional support for expenses that span all stakeholders: for example, project coordination.

Ideas for approximately 60 RJVs have already been posted to the RJV Index ( RJVs that wish to be considered for funding must be posted to the Index by Wednesday, February 15. To create a new RJV click on the Create New Joint Venture link in the upper-left corner of the RJV Index. Once created, you can direct others who wish to join to add their names and contact information.

The details of RJV proposals will be submitted on the Regional Fund platform, the same place in which colleges posted their plans for their 40% funds. We will have instructions out the middle of next week for how to do this as well as more detail and a timeline for the selection process.

Email or call if you have questions!

Rock Pfotenhauer, Chair                     Kit O'Doherty, Director

o:831.479.6482, c:831-212-7207         650.560.9798