NOVA Login

NOVA Access Request and Tech Support

  • If you need a NOVA account, please go to and select Request Access to NOVA. After you provide the requested information and press submit, someone will contact you.

  • If you need help, encounter any unexpected issues, have a question, or need to assign different roles or user permissions for your college - please launch NOVA at, then select Help. Fill out the requested information and you will be contacted by a NOVA support team member.

NOVA Webinar Recording and Feedback Survey

  • Thank you to the Chancellor’s Office and to everyone in the Bay Area who joined the NOVA Webinar on Thursday September 5. Links to the recording and NOVA survey can be found below.

  • You will find some gaps in the recording when the Breakout Groups occurred. You could move quickly past those gaps by placing your cursor on the blue line below the video and advancing the video to when audio and video resumes playing. Or you may wish to spend the time providing feedback in the Google Form on the portions of NOVA just discussed in the webinar.


NOVA Tools

  • The following tools will enhance the ability of Bay Region Community Colleges to get the most out of your NOVA information

    • NOVA Fiscal Reporting Checklist - please refer to this step-by-step guide to complete fiscal reporting

    • The NOVA SWP report The NOVA SWP report will show budgets and expenditures to date in NOVA for your institution

    • Looker Dashboards - by using the provided filters, the dashboards will provide a report specific to your project or institution


NOVA Training

  • The NOVA Sandbox provides a place for you to preview and get familiar with fiscal reporting, creating projects and refining projects. Work done in the Sandbox will not be reflected in the production environment of NOVA. Using your regular NOVA login, feel free to experiment!

  • We recommend that you review the NOVA Instructional Videos to get familiar with NOVA features and operation.


NOVA Access Levels Descriptions

  • There are two levels of access: basic and advanced. Each is assigned at the local and regional share level independently. Input from your college or district may inform and determine your permission level.

  • Basic level access allows a user to report on all expenditures, and are restricted from moving funds between object codes within a project. Basic users may not increase or decrease the overall budget for a project.

  • Advanced level access allows users the same level of access as Basic level access, but provides authority to increase and decrease the overall budget for a project.