NOVA Access Request and Tech Support

  • If you need a NOVA account, please request access at this link.
  • If you encounter any unexpected issues, have a question, or believe you need a different level of access - please email  

NOVA Login

NOVA Fiscal Reporting for FY17-18

  • A NOVA Fiscal Reporting webinar was held on Thursday 8/29 at 12pm. Here is a link to that webinar and the meeting materials

  • The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office released a new memo on Monday, August 13 regarding the SWP Reporting Timelines. To view the memo, click here

NOVA Training

  • The NOVA Sandbox provides a place for you to preview and get familiar with fiscal reporting, creating projects and refining projects. Work done in the Sandbox will not be reflected in the production environment of NOVA. Using your regular NOVA login, feel free to experiment!

NOVA Access Levels Descriptions

  • There are two levels of access: basic and advanced. Each are assigned at the local and regional share level independently. Input from your college or district may inform and determine your permission level.

  • Basic level access allows a user to report on all expenditures, and are restricted from moving funds between object codes within a project. Basic users may not increase or decrease the overall budget for a project.

  • Advanced level access allows users the same level of access as Basic level access, but provides authority to increase and decrease the overall budget for a project.

Looker Dashboard

  • A Looker dashboard will provide a display of SWP projects as entered in NOVA. By using the provided filters, you can view a report specific to your project or institution.Looker access requires use of the login and a password. For security purposes, the password has been emailed to Bay Region SWP primary contacts.

  • Access link:

  • Login:

  • Email for help with these displays, password assistance or to request a different dashboard.

  • Please note there is a delay between updates to NOVA and the display of those updates in Looker.