Incentive Funding

The Strong Workforce Program (SWP) helps to strengthen career and technical education (CTE) programs through regional collaboration and by preparing more students for high-demand, high-wage jobs. SWP incentive funding provides rewards to colleges and regions that attain these goals.

Allocation of 2017-18 17% Incentive funds to Bay Region Districts

Link to 1/31/18 Guidance Memo from the Chancellor's Office on Positive Incentive Funding

Allocation of Regional Incentive Fund to Districts, RJV Fund, BACCC
The region (separate from the colleges) received $3,104,836 from the Incentive Fund based on our aggregate performance on CTE FTES, completions, and service to economically disadvantaged students. Per our December 1 agreement, 82.5% ($2,561,490) of this is allocated to districts as detailed below. 12.5% ($388,105) is allocated to the RJV Fund, and 5% ($155,241) to BACCC operations/fiscal agency. 

Base Allocation Formula
The Base allocation is calculated by the Chancellor's Office for each district using 1/3 CTE FTES, 1/3 unemployed adults, 1/6 job openings. We distributed the Base Regional Direct-to-College funds in the same proportions as the Local Base. If a district received 5% of the Local Base allocation, it will receive 5% of the total Base Regional Direct-to-College allocation. 

Incentive Fund Allocation Formula
The Incentive allocation is calculated by the Chancellor's Office using a formula that factors in CTE enrollments, completions, and economically disadvantaged students. We distributed the Regional Incentive Direct-to-College funds in the same proportions as the Local Incentive funds. If a District received 4% of the region's total Local Incentive funds, it will receive 4% of the Regional Incentive Direct-to-College funds.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns, or if we can help in any way with your planning and use of SWP funds.

Bay Region SWP 40% Regional Direct-to-College Allocation 
Round 2, Year 1, 2017-18 (7/1/17 - 12/31/19)
Allocations by DistrictRegional Direct to Colleges BaseRegional Direct-to- Colleges Incentive FundTotal Regional Direct-to- Colleges Allocation
Chabot-Las Positas1,081,417170,3851,251,802
Contra Costa1,843,419279,2122,122,631
Monterey Peninsula231,38266,861298,243
Napa Valley263,06132,452295,513
San Francisco1,475,224367,0131,842,237
San Jose-Evergreen1,248,44499,0541,347,498
San Mateo1,160,079215,1161,375,195
West Valley-Mission669,736105,877775,613

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