Release of 2nd Year SWP Regional Joint Ventures Index

Last year we piloted a web based platform for our BACCC members and other workforce developers to post an idea for how collaboration might enable interested parties to address an important need or opportunity. It was held together with the digital equivalent of chewing gum and baling wire duct tape. To our surprise,  in spite of its appearance (not one pixel of chrome) it worked well enough to draw more than 60 proposals, or what we called Regional Joint Ventures (RJVs), with an average of 10 interested participants each. Seven of these evolved quickly enough to successfully seek an investment from last year’s Strong Workforce Program (SWP) Regional Fund.

The new, only slightly improved, version of what we called the RJV Index, is now available at We’ve added the capability to sketch out a budget on a separate tab, automatically created a Google doc that can be used for collaboratively evolving the RJV idea, and created separate spaces for individuals and organizations to sign on. We’ve also added a tab for Industry Sector Projects In Common (ISPIC). These are projects that the Sector Navigators will help colleges implement by providing funds and technical assistance. They require a small match. We encourage you to scan the projects listed in the ISPIC tab to see if there is a good opportunity for your college.

We’ve had an astonishing rate of administrative movement within our region this last year, so we know that there are some reading this who we lost at SWP. Here’s an overview.

2017-18 SWP Timeline

The RJV Index is an integral part of our process for allocating SWP funds. In this first year colleges invested over $2.5M in RJVs in addition to the region’s commitment of $1.5M. Here’s an overview to the timeline and process we will use for allocating SWP funds this year and how the RJV Index will be utilized.

2017-18 and 2018-19 Allocations to be Determined this Year


This year we will be determining how to allocate the Bay’s Regional Share of SWP $ for the current fiscal year and for the next fiscal year. We won’t know the total amount of this share until the 17% Incentive Fund is calculated and announced in January. Unless our performance is exceptionally different compared to the rest of the state, it should be between $49M and $52M.

Our plan for allocation of the current year funds (7/1/17 - 12/31/19) is due January 31, 2018

Our plan for allocation of Year 3 funds (7/1/18 - 12/31/20) will be determined in October 2018

RJV Updates to the Bay Region

Please use this link to access RJV Index Update #1.

Please use this link to access RJV Index Update #2.

Regional Funds Allocated to Two Buckets

For each of the two allocations we as a region will need to determine how much we allocate to the buckets below:

  1. Direct to College
    Funds allocated directly to colleges in the same proportion as the local funds are allocated. Each college has the responsibility for determining how best to utilize these funds to achieve the SWP and BACCC goals of addressing critical labor market gaps, providing students with pathways to prosperity, and ensuring that all populations benefit equitably from our work. Most colleges invest a portion of these funds in RJVs that most effectively advance their important interests.

  2. RJV Fund
    Funds allocated by ⅔ vote of our 28 colleges to RJVs that address important regional and subregional needs. Examples of current RJVs include regional marketing, NETLAB+, and efforts to strengthen programs in Cybersecurity, Public Safety, and diversification of the Information and Communication Technologies programs.

Timeline and Process

Entry of Direct to College Investments into Nova

We expect, as with last year, that the majority of SWP Regional Funds will be allocated directly to colleges. Plans for the use of these and Local SWP funds must be entered into Nova, the on-line platform currently used for SWP funds. The 2017-18 allocation must be entered by January 31, 2018 and the 2018-19 allocation must be entered by June 1, 2018. Recognizing that this deadline will be difficult to meet if the Incentive Fund allocations are not announced until January, we’ve been told there will be some flexibility through March to add and modify plans. It’s not too early to begin entering plans for the Direct to College funds now. While you won’t know exactly how much you have available until after the December 1 vote (explained below) and the January release of the Incentive Funds, it’s probably a safe bet that it will at least be in the ballpark of what you received from the 2016-17 fund.

RJVs Requesting Investments from the RJV Fund must be posted by November 10, 2017

Proponents should begin entering RJVs now. The platform is intended to support the evolution of an idea. Last year we saw ideas that started as a quick, hastily composed paragraph, grow, expand and take new shapes as more people signed on and brought their interests into the conversation. Some will spring forward and decide to request RJV funding from the 2017-18 allocation, others may wait until spring to request from the 2018-19 allocation. We expect, as with last year, that most of the funding for RJVs will come directly from colleges and other stakeholders.

RJV Lead Roles and Responsibilities

A summary of RJV Lead duties, from Ideation through the Contract phase, are available at this link.

Analysis of RJV Proposals and Development of Funding Proposals

The Center of Excellence for Labor Market Information and BACCC will, to the extent of our ability, do some analysis of the proposals to help inform the regional decisions.

In preparation for the December 1, 2017 meeting of our CTE Leadership Group (the CEO, CIO, CTE Dean/Admin, and a CTE Faculty from each college) we have begun and will continue to convene calls with our ever-changing CTE Consultation Council to talk through options for how to divide funding between the two buckets: Direct Funding to Colleges and RJV Fund.

Consideration by Colleges of RJV Proposals

We will have several options for how to allocate the funds out to colleges in time for college leadership to consider during the four days preceding the December 1 meeting. We strongly urge you to schedule a meeting of your college leadership between November 27 - 30 so your team can come prepared to negotiate and vote for your interests.

CTE Leadership Group Votes on Buckets/Prioritizes RJVs - Friday, 12/1, Chabot College

CEOs, CIOs, CTE Deans/Administrators and CTE Faculty will discuss the options, consider the RJVs and vote (one vote per college) on an allocation of the 2017-18 regional funds between the two buckets and rank order the RJVs seeking investments from the RJV Fund.

Refinement of RJV Requests, Negotiation of Budgets, Final Approval of RJV Fund Allocation

RJVs that ranked high enough on the prioritized list to qualify for funding will be asked to enter a more detailed proposal and budget into the Nova platform by January 15. During this time we expect budgets to change as the RJV workplan is more fully developed and as colleges make investments from their Direct to College fund. We will draw upon a committee to review the final proposals and make a recommendation of a final allocation. This recommendation will go out for electronic vote to be concluded by January 31. If we don’t get a ⅔ endorsement we will go back to the committee and rework the recommendation.

2018-19 Allocation

We will be informed by the Chancellor's Office when to enter both Local and Regional plans for the 2018-19 allocation. Barring some kind of macro-economic disaster, we should receive exactly the same funds for 2018-19 that we ultimately received for 2017-18, after the Incentive Fund calculations are announced. (This funding level will hold consistent for all of SWP Round 2: 2017-18 to 2020-21).

We expect the division of Regional Funds between the Direct to College and RJV Fund for 2018-19 to be decided at the December 1 meeting. At the regional level, spring will be focused on supporting the continued evolution of the RJVs and determining which will receive RJV funding. We expect we will use a similar process of the region prioritizing those submitted on the RJV Index and then those that make the cut, entering the full plans into Nova. Our experience with the 2017-18 allocation will inform the details and timeline for spring. Expect those details to come out in January.


One of our commitments to you at our June 8 CTE Leadership Group meeting was to begin providing a rich set of data about the needs of our Region’s labor market and the performance of our programs. We believe this information is critical to our individual college and regional ability to make good decisions about how to best invest the SWP funds. We’ve secured the enthusiastic support of Educational Results Partnership (ERP), the organization responsible for LaunchBoard. They will provide us with all the data available there so that we can present it in a variety of ways including:

  • college profiles that enable you to see how your CTE portfolio is performing

  • sector profiles that enable us to see how our regional portfolio is performing across a particular TOP code, and

  • regional profiles that enable us to see where our resources are committed as a region

ERP is eager to take those views that we find most useful and incorporate them back into LaunchBoard.

To help us (BACCC and the Center of Excellence) do this quickly and well, we have contracted for technical assistance with the RP Group. LaunchBoard is in the middle of recompiling all of their data to incorporate the most recent year’s data and new indicators that have been added for noncredit instruction. They are unable to provide us with the data until that process is completed, which they hope will be sometime in October. This is a top priority for us. We will do our best to get this out to you as soon as we can.

How Can We Help?

We are constantly amazed at the volume and quality of work that you all do in service of the community college workforce development mission. Our job is to help you be more effective, not to make you have to work harder. Let us know how we can help and let us know when we are making it more difficult, so we can change that.

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