Infusing Entreprenuership in Makerspaces

Project Description

Develop learning opportunities and curriculum that integrates business development with project prototyping and product development to produce viable business opportunities for students.


Molly Stuart, Deputy Sector Navigator - BUSI
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BACCC RJV Update 07/09/18

Eship Teaching Resources - Entrepreneurship Curriculum Resource Library

CCC Makerspace Startup Guide  

In 2016, CCC Maker (California Community College Maker) embarked on a six-month journey of guiding and shepherding 34 California community colleges through the Makerspace Startup Process: identifying the needs of their respective communities, mapping out their extended support ecosystems, analyzing their findings, piloting student and faculty engagement, and from there developing robust plans with which to go forth and realize their actual physical college-sponsored makerspaces.

Promoting engagement of CA Community Colleges with Maker Movement  

In line with the “Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy” (DWM) framework, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) is growing a statewide network of Makerspaces linked to California Community Colleges (CCC) as a key partner in developing a workforce for the innovation economy. At the CCCCO’s request, the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) was commissioned to develop a report to inform these efforts. CCST has conducted a literature review, background research, and interviews to develop a playbook of considerations and recommendations for establishing a network of Makerspaces.

COLLEGE OF MARIN FEASIBILITY STUDY, Indian Valley Campus Makerspace and Fabrication Laboratory

The College of Marin’s Career Education Department is proposing the implementation of a makerspace and fabrication laboratory at the Indian Valley Campus to join this Maker Initiative network and support Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework. This feasibility study serves to identify the unique COM business opportunity, define a solution, form a project, and appoint a project team to build and deliver the solution for implementation. 

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