Bay Area Regional Career Education Marketing & Branding

 Project Summary

Since 2016, the  Bay Area Regional Career Education Marketing and Branding Project is devoted to increasing the visibility of the vast array of Bay Region Career Education programs and elevating the image of Career Education among prospective students (and the people that influence them). Initially resourced by combining SB 1070, DSN and CTE Enhancement Funds, and most recently supported by Strong Workforce Program regional funds, the project has conducted research, developed marketing assets (e.g. videos, posters, digital media) and launched a regional paid media campaign. The committee contracted with MeringCarson, a well-known marketing firm and has worked with Public Information Officers and CTE or "Career Education" leaders across the region to inform the project, and to ensure it enhances rather than duplicates individual college marketing efforts. The project caught the attention of the Chancellor's Office and the statewide career education marketing campaign now leverages Bay Region efforts into a broader statewide/system-wide CTE Marketing and Branding strategy.  The Regional Career Education Marketing and Branding work are now under the guidance of the Regional Marketing Governance Group (RMGG) which consists of Public Information Officers, CTE Deans, and other key marketing leads in the region

Campaign Links

Jennie Mollica
Consultant, Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC)
(510) 436-4968
Sharon Turner, EdD, MPH
K-14 Pathways - Regional Technical Assistance Provider (TAP)
Foothill College, Sunnyvale Center
Office: 408-745-8065, Cell: 415-786-0705

RMGG SWP Round 3 Recommendation

Regional Career Education Marketing Campaign – Round 3One Page Recommendation Feb. 2019NOVA content 2-13-19

Regional Marketing Governance Group

In July 2018, the new Regional Marketing Governance Group (RMGG) launched! This group will guide the Round 3 and Round 4 SWP Regional Marketing goals and scope, and provide ongoing leadership to marketing work in the region. The group consists of PIOs/Marketing Leads and Career Education Deans from Bay Area colleges across the region and will meet biweekly this fall. For more information about the RMGG, please contact Jennie Mollica, the BACCC team member who will facilitate the RMGG in the coming months, at or at 510-436-4968.

Flow of Funds

Regional Marketing Governing Group Meeting/Call Notes: (July 2018 - current)

Regional Marketing Governing Group - Link to the cumulative document including Background and Meeting Notes 

Archive of Newsletters

  • Spring 2018: Scoping for phase 2
  • Winter 2017-18: Winter Media flight runs, with an “always on” search and social layer, and heavy-ups during enrollment windows
  • May-August 2017: 2017 Summer Media flight runs, we provide font licenses to all colleges, and print 50 co-branded high-quality posters per site
  • March 2017: Launch meeting - in person reveal with PIOs & CE Deans of creative assets & toolkit, follow up with a webinar as well
  • Late Fall 2016: Creative concept selected and content development begins
    • Videos & Photography at Diablo Valley College, San Jose City College, and Laney College
    • Asset Development & Media strategy
  • Fall 2016: 3 creative concepts brought forward for consideration (We Are Ready, Learn By Doing & CrazySmart), shared in various formats and then we asked for feedback from the field
    • In Person: CCCAOE
    • Virtually: 2 Webinars for PIOs (initial review of concepts, and then final feedback), co-convened with Tim Leong (4CD PIO) & Andrea Hanstein (Foothill College PIO)
    • Feedback requested from PIOs during the meetings with voting on a preferred campaign, and then via survey for folks that were unable to attend. 
    • November 2016 Newsletter (includes Survey results)
  • June 2016: MeringCarson selected and brought under contract (Foothill as fiscal agent, with Sharon as lead)
    • We hosted a creative kickoff meeting with deans and marketing leaders, to gather input from the field at the outset of the initiative
  • Late Spring 2016: Formal Procurement Process (scoring here)
  • Early Spring 2016: 3 firms were invited to share creative concepts with the committee, to help us understand the scale/scope needed to execute the vision of the committee. Following this process we worked to gather sufficient funds:
    • SB1070 committed funds to the effort
    • DSNs were asked to join in with the campaign, and the majority did. 
    • Some funds from the CTE Enhancement fund were also identified and committed
          • December 2015: SB1070 Bay Region Marketing Committee drafted a creative brief articulating the goals of the marketing work, under the leadership of Andrea Vizenor & Sharon, and shared with the prospective firm