Marketplace Model

The Marketplace Concept
  • Identify a clear topic that people can manageably discuss (e.g. ICT is not a manageable topic. The computer user/computer network support specialist slice of ICT is more manageable).
  • Invite obvious stakeholders into the room to discuss this topic (e.g. employers who hire these people, colleges who have programs to prepare students for these jobs, etc.).
  • Open the marketplace with hearing EVERYONE'S INTERESTS in this topic (generally gotten at by asking: what brought you here today?; what are your interests in "computer user/computer network support specialists"?
  • Record the interests that are shared; note what rises to the top (we haven't had a marketplace yet where 2-4 things - often more, didn't clearly jump out as rising to the top)
  • Ask the group: do these priorities warrant any collective action on our part? (i.e. are these important enough that we want to do something about them or not - and be prepared for "or not". In other words, we don't cajole folks into acting)
  • Close with having the group decide upon next steps
  • Repeat the above cycle as the marketplace matures

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