Governance Structure

Bay Region Organizing Framework

BACCC Membership Calls/Meetings
  • BACCC Monthly Calls/Webinars (3rd Thursday of the month posted on
  • BACCC General Session Face to Face Meetings (twice yearly at CCCAOE)

CTE Leadership Group

The Bay Region CTE Leadership Group is comprised of Bay Region Chancellors, College Presidents, CIO's, CTE Deans and CTE Faculty working alongside BACCC to conduct regional strategic planning. The first meeting of the group was held on October 3, 2014, and was co-convened by Judy Miner, President (now Chancellor of the Foothill-DeAnza Community College District), Helen Benjamin, Chancellor of the Contra Costa Community College District and Laurel Jones, President of Cabrillo College.

Archived Meetings/Calls - CTE Leadership Group meeting materials can be accessed at organized chronologically under the meeting notes link. Detailed meeting notes can be accessed here.

Bay Region CTE Consultation Council

The BACCC Consultation Council is part of an evolving Bay Region Governance Structure, formally put in place by CEOs in October 2013 in response to the $50M CTE Enhancement Fund. The structure was designed to ensure that all parts of the region have a strong voice in regional matters of import, currently focused on shaping the implementation and making critical decisions related to the $200M ongoing Strong Workforce Program. Nominations for Council members were sought and voted upon by colleges in each of the 5 economic subregions (North Bay, East Bay, Mid-Peninsula, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz/Monterey). The Council provides regional oversight, leadership, and direction, and formulates recommendations on major policy and funding issues for consideration and decision making by the CTE Leadership Group - the CEO, CIO, CTE Dean/Administrator and CTE Faculty Liaison from each of our 28 colleges

Archived Calls/Meetings - CTE Consultation Council meeting materials & notes can be accessed here.