CTE Enhancement Fund


Final Reporting and Close Out

  • Final reports are due on different dates depending upon the grant end date for Bay Region Colleges who will carry over CTE Enhancement Funds and extend contracts into FY16-17. Please refer to the table below for your College's milestones.
  • Instructions for Final Reporting are located at this link.
  • The report forms must be filled out using a current version of Adobe Acrobat. A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at: get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions
  • CTE Enhancement Fund Summary Final Reports and Final Program Area Reports for your College can be accessed from this page: baccc.net/finalreports.
  • Please refer to the Report schedule shown above to determine your College's report dates. The Final Report due date varies depending upon the end date of your contract. It requires filling out a Program Area Final Report form for each program area in which you spent funds and a Summary Final Report form. You may wish to distribute the forms to the person responsible for each program area now, so that they can fill out the forms as they complete their expenditures. Some of the information gathered in this report will be used in our on-going advocacy efforts for increased on-going funding to meet the high costs of CTE.

  • If you do not find a Program Area Final Report for a program area, please download this template, save it to your computer, rename the file to include your college name and the program name, and proceed to fill in the information.

  • When all reports are completed, please email the entire batch of reports to bay-ef@baccc.net.

College Grant     End Date

Due Date for      Final Reports











CTE EF Contract Amendments for FY16-17

  • Carryover of funding into FY16-17 will require a signed CTE EF Contract Amendment and an updated insurance certificate. Each College's amendment will be customized for their grant end date. If a College has an allocation change from the original CTE EF Contract Total Allocation, then a revised Exhibit C document will be required. Contracts must be completely executed before payments can occur in FY16-17.
  • Contract Amendment 1 from October 2015 must be fully executed before the FY16-17 Contract Amendment can be signed.
  • This link will provide you with a sample Board Item, in case your college amendment requires Board approval.
  • All Colleges and Districts must refresh their insurance certificates on file for CTE to extend through to 12/31/16, and this must be included with the Contract Amendment packet received from your college. This link will provide the details for what is needed for FY16-17 Insurance Certificates.


Status tracking and updates

  • You can access updates on your College’s current status with reporting, payments and contracts at this link.