An initiative designed to build our capacity to utilize CTE data at the college and regional levels and to lay groundwork for proposed $200M ongoing budget allocation for CTE.

CTE Data Unlocked Experts by College 

Upcoming Workshops 

CTE Employment Outcomes Survey
  • All colleges will be funded to participate in the Employment Outcomes Survey of the 2014-15 cohort to be conducted in 2017. (26 of the 28 colleges are participating in the 2016 Survey)

Regional Planning

  • Analysis of the regional labor market, identification of labor market gaps, and planning for how these gaps can be addressed to be carried out beginning Fall 2016
  • This planning process will feed into regional plans being developed by the Workforce Development Boards 
  • This planning process will also meet the requirement for regional plans called for in the trailer bill for the proposed $200M CTE budget augmentation