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Who We Are & How We Can Help

BACCC at a Glance

The Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC) is comprised of the 28 colleges surrounding the San Francisco and Monterey Bays. Funded by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998, the BACCC supports activities and projects that meet the four objectives of the Act:

- Improving the Academic skills of vocational and technical education students

- Strengthening connections between secondary and post secondary education

- Preparing individuals for occupations in demand that pay family-supporting wages

Investing in effective, high quality programs

The BACCC serves as a framework to enhance the coordination of regional programs; to increase collaboration on regional priorities; and to serve as a link between colleges Career Technical Education programs, Economic and Workforce Development Initiatives, and the Chancellor's Office.

To learn more about BACCC, please click HERE for an overview of who we are, what we offer & how you can work with us.


Rock Pfotenhauer, Chair, rock@baccc.net, (831) 479-6482 
Kit O'Doherty, Director, kitodoherty@gmail.com, (650) 560-9798
Karen Beltramo, Labor Market Analyst, karen@baccc.net, (831) 332-1253
Kate Raymundo, Strong Workforce Program Project Manager, kate@baccc.net, (831) 840-8512
Kelly Green, Events & Communications Coordinator, kelly@baccc.net, (408) 507-0404
Fiscal Agent for the BACCC Grant: Cabrillo College, C/O CEED Division, 6500 Soquel Dr, Aptos, CA  95003

Governance & Decision Making Structure

To view BACCC's Governance Structure & Decision Making Process click HERE.
Bay Region CTE Leadership Group

The CTE Leadership Group is comprised of Bay Region Chancellors, College Presidents, CIO's, CTE Deans and CTE Faculty working alongside BACCC to conduct regional strategic planning. The first meeting of the group was held on October 3, 2014 and was co-convened by Judy Miner, President (now Chancellor of the Foothill-DeAnza Community College District), Helen Benjamin, Chancellor of the Contra Costa Community College District and Laurel Jones, President of Cabrillo College. 

Upcoming Meeting

8th CTE Leadership Group Meeting 

Friday, Dec. 1, 2017, 8th CTE Leadership Group Meeting, 10:00AM - 2:00PM, Location TBD, RSVPParking Permit & Agenda Forthcoming,

Where to find information

CTE Leadership Group meeting materials can be accessed at baccc.net under the BACCC meeting notes link. Detailed meeting notes can be accessed here.

Bay Region CTE Consultation Council 

The BACCC Consultation Council is part of an evolving Bay Region Governance Structure, formally put in place by CEOs in October 2013 in response to the $50M CTE Enhancement Fund. The structure is designed to ensure that all parts of the region have a strong voice in regional matters of import, currently focused on shaping the implementation and making critical decisions related to the $200M ongoing Strong Workforce Program. Nominations for Council members were sought and voted upon by colleges in each of the 5 economic subregions (North Bay, East Bay, Mid-Peninsula, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz/Monterey). The Council provides regional oversight, leadership, and direction, and formulates recommendations on major policy and funding issues for consideration and decision making by the CTE Leadership Group - the CEO, CIO, CTE Dean/Administrator and CTE Faculty Liaison from each of our 28 colleges

Upcoming Calls/Meetings

Series of 3 calls to begin preparation for the 2nd year of the Strong Workforce Program:

Where to find information

CTE Consultation Council meeting materials can be accessed at baccc.net under the BACCC meeting notes link. Detailed meeting notes can be accessed here.

Click here for current 2017 council members contact information.

Membership changes for the 2016 CTE Consultation Council can be accessed here.

CTE Consultation Council Membership (as of 4-11-17) and Attendance

BACCC CTE Consultation Council Membership (as of 4-11-17) & Attendance
Economic Sub-Region (L = Lead, A = Alternate) Perspective Title Email 4/15/16 7/21/16 11/4/16
East Bay
Barry Russell (L) C-Level President BRussell@laspositascollege.edu X X X
Tammeil Gilkerson (A) C-Level VP, Academic & Student Affairs TGilkerson@4cd.edu X X
Natalie Hannum (L) CTE Admin Dean of CTE/Social Sciences NHannum@losmedanos.edu X X X
Louis Quindlen (A) CTE Faculty Dept. Chair Machine Technology lquindlen@peralta.edu X X X
North Bay
Jerry Miller (L) CTE Admin Dean Career Technical Education jmiller@santarosa.edu X X
Maire Morinec (A) CTE Admin Dean of School of Applied Technology & Business Maire.Morinec@solano.edu
Theresa Rowland (L) C-Level Associate Vice Chancellor Workforce and Economic Development trowland@ccsf.edu X X X
Heidi Diamond (L) CTE Admin Dean of Business, Design, and Workforce diamondh@smccd.edu N/A N/A X
Peter von Bleichert (L) CTE Faculty Instructor, Business/Management vonbleichertp@smccd.edu X X X
Silicon Valley
Nanette Solvason (L) CTE Admin Dean, Biological & Health Sciences solvasonnanette@fhda.edu X X
Mina Jahan (A) CTE Admin Dean, Business Technology, Applied Sciences mina.jahan@missioncollege.edu X X
Walter Tribley (L) C-Level CEO wtribley@mpc.edu X X X
Kiran Kamath (A) C-Level CIO kkamath@mpc.edu X X
Zahi Atallah (L) CTE Admin Dean of Advanced Technology & Applied Science zatallah@hartnell.edu X
Gerlinde Brady (A) CTE Admin Dean of CTE & Workforce Development gebrady@cabrillo.edu X
Pam Sanborn (L) CTE Faculty MA Department Chair and CTE Liaison pasanbor@cabrillo.edu X X
Region - CSSOs
Angelica Garcia (L) CSSO VP, Student Services garciaa@smccd.edu N/A X
Kathleen Moberg (L) CSSO VP, Student Services KMoberg@gavilan.edu N/A
Susan Sweeney (A) CSSO Director, CalWORKs ssweeney@gavilan.edu N/A X X