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Who We Are

BACCC at a Glance

The Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC) is comprised of the 28 colleges surrounding the San Francisco and Monterey Bays as serves as a framework to:

Enhance the coordination of regional programs

- Increase collaboration on regional priorities

- Serve as a link between colleges Career Technical Education programs, Economic and Workforce        
   Development Initiatives, and the Chancellor's Office.

To learn more about BACCC, please click HERE for an overview of who we are, what we offer & how you can work with us.


Rock Pfotenhauer, Chair, rock@baccc.net, (831) 479-6482
Kit O'Doherty, Director, kitodoherty@gmail.com, (650) 560-9798
Doreen O'Donovan, Data Research Analyst, doreen@baccc.net, (831) 479-6481
Kate Raymundo, Strong Workforce Program, Project Manager, kate@baccc.net, (831) 840-8512
Kelly Green, Events & Communications Coordinator, kelly@baccc.net, (408) 507-0404
John Carrese, Director, San Francisco Bay Center of Excellence , jcarrese@ccsf.edu , (415) 267-6544