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Program Recommendations

***NOTE: As of October 2018, Substantial Changes To Existing Approved Programs do not need regional recommendation prior to filing with Chancellor’s Office***  

Program Recommendation Submission DEADLINES

BACCC Program Recommendation Process - Step by step instructions for on-line COE LMI requests & program recommendation submission at regionalcte.org website 

  • Request for Labor Market Information from Centers of Excellence - This is the 1st step in the process and will generate the REQUIRED COE LMI report for inclusion in your program submission. You'll be asked to provide:: 
    • Occupational title(s) students completing this program would be qualified to perform
    • TOP code and program title 
  • To search for programs submitted since Oct. 2017, visit Browse Program Submissions and filter by region, status & keyword (ex: college or program name) 
    • For Bay Area programs  submitted and awaiting review click HERE
    • For Bay Area program submissions under review click HERE
    • For Bay Area recommended programs (since Oct 2017) click HERE
  • Click HERE to search for programs recommended/endorsed prior to Oct. 2017
Chancellor's Office References

  • VIEW FY 17-18 HERE (Partial)
  • VIEW FY 16-17 HERE
  • VIEW FY 15-16 HERE
  • VIEW FY 14-15 HERE
  • VIEW FY 13-14 HERE
  • VIEW FY 12-13 HERE
  • VIEW FY 11-12 HERE
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