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Program Recommendations


The program recommendation process outlined by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) requires that all requests to add new programs or certificates to a college’s inventory of occupational programs include a recommendation from the Regional Consortium. Complete instructions for this process are included in the Program and Course Approval Handbook-7th Edition.

The process for obtaining recommendation/endorsement from the Regional Consortium (RC) is intended to inform and engage members of the Consortia in adding programs at member colleges, and to foster a spirit of collaboration and coordination that results in viable choices for Career Education courses/programs across the region. 

BACCC Program Recommendation Process - New Programs

New Program Recommendation Submission Instructions - 5-Step "how to" guide for on-line COE LMI requests & new program recommendation submission at regionalcte.org website

Centers of Excellence (COE) Labor Market Information(LMI) Reports

The COE LMI report contains valuable data that can be shared with leadership and faculty to inform program development discussions and decisions. Colleges are also encouraged to contact the respective sector’s Regional Director, Employer Engagement to inquire about available resources that can be used in the program development process. As part of the process, the Bay Region asks that you reach out to colleges in your service that are identified in the LMI report as having similar programs and record date, contact & discussion outcomes to include in your program submission responses. 

  • Request for Labor Market Information from Centers of Excellence - This is the 1st step in the recommendation process and will generate the REQUIRED COE LMI report for inclusion in your regional program submission. You'll be asked to provide:: 
    • Occupational title(s) students completing this program would be qualified to perform
    • TOP code and program title 

How to Search for Programs
  • Tsearch for programs submitted since Oct. 2017, visit Browse Program Submissions and filter by region, status & keyword (ex: college or program name) 
    • For Bay Area programs  submitted and awaiting review click HERE
    • For Bay Area program submissions under review click HERE
    • For Bay Area recommended programs (since Oct 2017) click HERE
  • Click HERE to search for programs recommended/endorsed prior to Oct. 2017
  • RD - Community College Certificates & Courses (from COCI) created by Mark Martin
    • In these spreadsheets I've created a column for “Sector” which is based on the TOP codes. 
    • Check the tab “TOP Codes by Sector”
    • If you see an incorrect TOP Code, or one that is missing for your sector, please let me know and I’ll update.
    • Info on where I got the data is on the spreadsheet under “Data”
  • COCI site - Program List 2.0 - search Chancellor's Office program database - used to create above report

Program Modifications (previously referred to as Substantial Changes)

As of October 2018, Substantial Changes To Existing Approved Programs do not need regional recommendation prior to filing with Chancellor’s Office

  • CO Required Documentation In addition to a narrative, all new and modified CTE programs must include: 

    1. Current LMI & analysis 

      • The CO has not mandated the use of COE LMI  reports (& was not aware regions did) & will accept other forms as outlined on PCAH pages 92-95 as long as it meets their criteria. Note: it should include at least 4 years of projected supply data.

    CTE Curriculum Program Policy

    Any CTE credit certificate that is 16 or more units requires review by the regional consortium and Chancellor's Office approval. 

    The threshold was recently reduced from 18 to 16. In addition the threshold at which colleges may request Chancellor's Office approval was lowered to 8 units. Here's the citation to Title 5 which reflects the lowered thresholds.

    The requirement for review by the regional consortia is spelled out in section 55130 of Title 5 and is further detailed in the Program & Course Approval Handbook.

    • (c) A district may submit any sequence of courses consisting of 8 or more semester units or 12 or more quarter units of degree-applicable credit coursework to the Chancellor and request that it be approved as a program leading to a certificate of achievement. The Chancellor may approve such a program if he or she determines that it satisfies the requirements of subdivision (a) despite requiring fewer than 16 semester or 24 quarter units of degree-applicable credit coursework

    Chancellor's Office Career Education Program References & Memos

    Archives - Program Endorsements 
    • View FY 17-18 HERE (Partial)
    • View FY 16-17 HERE
    • View FY 15-16 HERE
    • View FY 14-15 HERE
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