Apply for Propostion 39 Clean Energy Funding

Bay Region Community College Career & Workforce Leadership, Faculty and staff are invited to apply for Proposition 39 funding to advance pathways, partnerships, and programming to develop a strong workforce in the Energy, Construction and Utilities sector. 

Apply for initial funding of up to $90,000. Applications are due March 23rd. 

Click here to review eligible TOP Codes.
Click here to view & download the grant application for colleges in the North and East Bay.
Click here to view & downloadn the grant application for colleges in the South and West Bay.


Emily Courtney 
Regional Prop 39 Director
Skyline College
South/West Bay 
Kevin Byrne
Regional Prop 39 Director 
Santa Rosa Junior College
North/East Bay

Upcoming Meetings/Calls 

Tues/Wed June 5 & 6, 2018, Inside California's Electric Infrastructure: Integrated Distributed Energy Resources Symposium, 250 Outcropping Way, Folsom, CA 95630 Click here to Register, Event Flyer


Proposition 39, The California Clean Energy Jobs Act, passed by the voters in 2012 has awarded a series of 5 one-year appropriations to fund energy-efficient projects for the California Community College system. In 2012-13 the community college system received $40,000,000, in 2013-14 the community college system received 37,500,000, in 2015-16 the community college system received $38,737,000, and in 2016-17 the community college system received $49,200,000. The funding is distributed on a Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES) basis for qualifying projects.