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Health Workforce Initiative:
Cynthia Harrison, South Bay Region, cynthia.harrison@wvm.edu, (408) 855-5340
Linda Zorn, Statewide, ZornLi@butte.edu, (530) 879-9069

NEW Healthcare Reports Available!

    TEMPLATE for proposing future healthcare ideas to work on (use this template to submit ideas not currently being worked on under the Bay Region Healthcare Sector Strategy)

    Bay Region Healthcare Maps - Programs and Contact Information

    Medical Lab Tech - updated 2.2012
    Medical Assisting - updated 9.15.2015
    Medical Imaging - updated 12.18.2015
    Radiology Technology - updated 7.2012
    Nursing Data Prototype - updated 4.11.12
    MLT Data Prototype - updated 2.4.2014

    In partnership with the Centers of Excellence and the Health Workforce Initiative, launch a Bay Region Healthcare Sector Strategy comprised of Industry, Education and Workforce Development stakeholders using a marketplace model to assess interests in insuring the best qualified healthcare workforce, in adequate supply to meet industry demand, and undertake efforts to achieve this goal where interests align.

    • All 28 colleges in the Bay Region have Healthcare Programs
    • Many of us are grappling with similar complex questions and challenges associated with these programs in this unprecedented budget climate 
    • Many employers are organized regionally, preferring not to work exclusively college by college 
    • Our students take courses across multiple colleges throughout the region 
    • A significant portion of our workforce commutes regionally 
    • Our scale is an under-utilized resource. Curriculum development, professional development, faculty and employer engagement can all benefit from aggregation of small resources into sums sufficient to undertake higher quality efforts that we can all benefit from. 
    • Engaging regionally with the healthcare industry will inform how we respond individually and sub-regionally to benefit our students 
    • Engaging with regionally organized industry and serving a regional workforce requires that we develop a similar capacity to work at a regional level