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Water, Environmental Technologies & Agriculture

The Water/Wastewater marketplace is consortium of Bay Region Community Colleges, EWD Initiatives, Industry and workforce development stakeholders collaborating to respond to current and emerging water-related workforce needs.

For more information visit our website at http://www.calagcc.org/

Water/Wastewater Calls/Meetings 

Friday, Sept. 29, 2017, Water & Wastewater Career Pathways Report Release Meeting. Hosted by BAYWORK and co-hosted by the San Francisco Foundation

  • Attendees: 65+ field leaders (including water and wastewater utilities, community colleges, and government agencies), which resulted in dynamic and productive conversations about cross-sector collaboration and identification of opportunities to strengthen and diversify the candidate pipeline.
Event materials


1) Our Water and Wastewater Career Pathways: Connecting People to Water Industry Jobs in the Bay Area on hiring needs and regional training resources in the Bay Area, including recommendations for ways to strengthen and diversify the candidate pool while increasing access to water careers for low-income job seekers and opportunity youth

2) Occupational profiles of the most mission critical positions: Electronic Maintenance Tech/Instrument Tech, Mechanic/Machinist, and Electrician

3) Our PowerPoint presentation from the event

5)  Visit baywork.org to locate Bay Area training resources


Contacts: Lisa Countryman, Lisa Beem, or Elizabeth Toups.


It has been agreed that calls will be scheduled on an as needed basis as opportunities for collaboration arise.

For an update on latest activities, follow this link: previous agenda's and outcomes - 2008-2012

Centers of Excellence/BAYWORK Labor Market Scan

Bay Region Water/Wastewater Scan (labor market) results are now available at the Centers of Excellence website

BAYWORK Matrix Documents