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Channel 28 - BACCC Newsletter

A curated broadcast of news targeted to the Bay region’s CIOs, CEOs, and CTE leaders.

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Adult Ed

RDA AEBG Data Planning Whitepaper - 9/19/17

This white paper is intended to describe opportunities, gaps, and challenges of current data capacity among Bay Region AEBG agencies and explore potential solutions for an aligned regional data system. The Needs, Challenges, and Potential Solutions for Data Sharing in Adult Education - A Systems Assessment and Solutions Exploration for the Bay Region Adult Education Consortia - Prepared by Resource Development Associates

Past Meetings Notes

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Bay Area Regional Career Education Marketing & Branding

Since 2016, the  Bay Area Regional Career Education Marketing and Branding Project is devoted to increasing the visibility of the vast array of Bay Region Career Education programs and elevating the image of Career Education among prospective students (and the people that influence them). Initially resourced by combining SB 1070, Regional Directors, Employment Engagement and CTE Enhancement Funds, and most recently supported by Strong Workforce Program regional funds, the project has conducted research, developed marketing assets (e.g. videos, posters, digital media) and launched a regional paid media campaign. The committee contracted with MeringCarson, a well-known marketing firm and has worked with Public Information Officers and CTE or "Career Education" leaders across the region to inform the project, and to ensure it enhances rather than duplicates individual college marketing efforts. The project caught the attention of the Chancellor's Office and the statewide career education marketing campaign now leverages Bay Region efforts into a broader statewide/system-wide CTE Marketing and Branding strategy. Round 3 Regional Career Education Marketing and Branding work was under the guidance of the Regional Marketing Governance Group (RMGG) which consisted of Public Information Officers, CTE Deans, and other key marketing leads in the region

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