TMP Rock n' Road

Take the Tucson Mountain Park Rock n' Road (TMP RNR) mountain bike challenge. The challenge is to complete a route around the Tucson Mountains in the minimum amount of time. The goal is to foster friendly competition. This is not a race, there are no time constraints and you can do the challenge any time you like. The route loops around the perimeter of the Tucson Mountains and traverses as much of the prime single track as possible without looping back on itself. It also avoids as much asphalt and traffic as possible.There are some sections of the route that are under construction and may change over time. Small portions may be rerouted as well. But overall the route should remain static.

The TMP Rock n' Road Challenge official thread is located at TucsonMTB another thread is located at
MTBR . Also, a good thread to read for route history, route finding and other details can be found here.

  1. The official TMP RNR route is located here: Official Route.
  2. The start/finish point can be anywhere along the route.
  3. The route needs to be finished at the same place as it started.
  4. You must follow the route.
  5. The route is to be traveled in the clockwise direction.
  6. The time logged for record is the total time (moving, resting, eating, repairing, etc) from start to finish.
  7. You may log as many attempts as you want.
  8. A GPS track is not required for score. Your word is good enough, but take some photos of you and your bike along the route for integrity.
  9. If your time is a record breaking time you are required to provide a GPS track for verification.
  10. Bonus for riding/hiking over Brown Mountain instead of around, subtract 60 minutes off of your total time.
  11. The same bike must be used for the whole route.
  12. Once you have completed the route, post your results on TucsonMTB. Then, email me GPS files and any photos that you want to share and I will post them on this website.
Route Info

The route covers some of the sweetest single track in the Tucson Mountains. I highly recommend using a GPS for navigation, download the
Official Route if you are not familiar with the trail system. Even if you are the familiar with the area the route can be tricky to follow especially on the way to and in the Robles area.

The rules allow a start at any point along the course. Warning: the crude directions provided here begin at the Starr Pass trailhead and for most riders are probably not adequate enough to navigate the route. Starting from the Starr Pass trailhead head towards the 36th street trail following good single track. After the 36th street trail a short section on historic Starr Pass Stage route leads to a gravel road and then single track to the 4ft culvert, which is the entry point to the Robles Area. After about 4.5 miles of riding some of the best single track in the West you will exit the Robles Area via the 6ft culvert. Following mostly paved roads (Bopp to Kinney to Starr Pass) for about 4 miles puts you back into TMP.

Following standard Starr Pass West side trails, head over Golden Gate pass over to Prospector trail then on to the Sweet trails and then a small portion of Cougar trail. At this point you have the option of going over or around Brown Mountain. Regardless of the route you follow over or around Brown Mtn the end point is the same, Juan Santa Cruz picnic area. Head out to Kinney and follow pavement for 4.4 miles. After passing two key water sources: The Desert Museum and SNP Visitors Center, take a right onto Hohokam Rd. Follow it to Picture Rocks Rd. The next four miles is really about the most unpleasant portion of the route due to the high volume of traffic. Continue on Picture Rocks Rd to Wade Rd then right onto Ina. Follow Ina East for no more than 0.4 miles to the Pipeline, turn right and follow the Pipeline to the National Park boundary.

Before the Pipeline crosses into NP boundary turn left onto Belmont and follow it for no more than 0.7 miles. Turn right onto Abington and follow a nebulous route through the neighborhood (see GPS track track for details), do not follow the Pipeline. Once your reach Sunset Rd head East, then quickly turn right (South) onto Gerhart Rd. Follow Gerhart to its end then turn left onto Camino del Cerro. Follow Camino del Cerro for no more than 0.8 miles then turn right onto Tortolita Rd. Follow Tortolita Rd  to the Sweetwater Trail system. Once in Sweetwater you will sample some of its best: The Red Roller Coaster and Monk's Trail. Leave the Sweetwater Trail system on the SE and take Sweetwater Rd to Kay T to Camino de Oeste.

Follow Camino de Oeste (CDO) for about 4.2 miles back into the Tucson Mountain Park via the Oeste trailhead. Take the CDO trail to the Rock House trail and finish up with the Water Tank (aka, Rock Wren) trail. Another mile or so puts you back at the Starr Pass Trailhead and Parking Lot.

The route is 58.5 miles long with 6,950 feet of climbing. It is composed of 70% single track, 15% asphalt road, and 15% dirt road.

TMP Rock n' Road Map (note: not current, but still close)

TMP RNR Profile
TMP Rock n' Road Profile (starting point: CDO Trailhead)

route last updated: 12/14/2010
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 GPS eXchange file - 2010-2011 Course


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