3. How do I register my child by mail?

Yes!  We register players by mail, BUT
-- your child will be on waitlist until all walk-in registrations are done for the season. 
-- it can take up to three weeks for mailed forms to be processed
-- we do not take mail-in registrations after the second game of the season, unless okayed by the age group coordinator
1.  Apply your player(s) online at www.eayso.org.  
    a.  Are you registering for the Fall program?  Click on "Application for New Player" or "Application for a Returning Player" as applicable. 
    b.  Are you registering for the Spring program? 
        1)  If  your child played the previous Fall program, you just have to click on "Print Player Form". 
        2)  If your child didn't play in the Fall, click on "Application for New Player" or "Application for a Returning Player" as applicable. 
    c.  Except for U5, it's important to indicate under Location Code the preferred practice area (Hawaii Kai or Kahala).  Actual practice location, date and times are up to the individual coach. 
    d.  For the Spring program, it is possible for players returning from the Fall program to play with the same team from the Fall, depending upon coach availability and team balancing.  You may indicate this by writing "SAME TEAM" on the top of the form. 

2.  Ensure that you complete the ENTIRE e-signature procedure, which includes "signing" your name, and being offered the option to print your form.  Failure to do so sometimes results in having to re-apply your child.  

3.  Print and sign ONE copy of the player application form per child.  If you're having trouble printing your forms, try another browser.  According to the AYSO National Office, "eAYSO is optimized for specific versions of Internet Explorer (7,8,9), Firefox (3,3.5,3.6), Safari (4,5) and Google Chrome (20, 21, 22)."  If all else fails, export the form to a TIFF file, then print from the downloaded file.


We do not accept handwritten forms.

If you attempt to submit a handwritten form to us, we will reject it because we need an electronic signature from you.  With eSignature, ALL children must be registered by their parents or guardians via www.eayso.org.  

Note that www.ayso.org is only an informational website for AYSO nation-wide and the blank form found on the site WILL NOT be accepted at registration.  You will be directed to complete the form online. 

4.  For the U5 program, at least one parent or guardian must apply as a volunteer on www.eayso.org. Your child will not be allowed to play if this requirement is not fulfilled.

5.  Make a copy of the child's birth certificate or other government-issued proof of birthdate, regardless of whether your child is new to soccer or not. 

6.  Attach a check for $95 made payable to AYSO Region 48.  Write child's name and division on the memo line.  You can find your child's division on the top of the Player Registration form.  
Send player application form, proof of birthdate and check to:
AYSO Region 48 Registration

P.O. Box 10129

Honolulu, HI 96816