AYSO Area 2B is comprised of the following regions that are located in northern San Mateo County in Section 2:

To learn more about the AYSO soccer program in your community, please visit the region web sites by clicking on the links above. AYSO's philosophy of Open Registration allows players to register in any region, so if your city does not have an AYSO program you can still participate.

Area 2B coordinates U12 and U14 division play for the regions in our area. Players register with the regions and teams are formed at the region level. Teams in those divisions play against other teams from other Area 2B regions. Schedules and standings for U12 and U14 divisions are available on this site (see U12/U14 Program).

The U16 and U19 divisions play against teams from both Area 2B and Area 2N. League play for U16 and U19 teams begins in mid-August (see U16/U19 Program).

Most of the regions in Area 2B start their seasons on the first Saturday after Labor Day weekend. Game schedules for U5, U6, U8 and U10 divisions can be found on the regional sites.