I am in the process of building this site.  My name is Maryruth Eaves-Herrera, Ph.D., and I am a licensed (clinical) psychologist.
At AwesomeLivesLLC, I offer psychological services, Christian counseling and life coaching.
I also have a blog that might interest you at: http://drmaryruth.blogspot.com which has a link on the left
My email address is drmaryruth@awesomelives.info is the best way to email me right now--
Or, you may reach me via my cell phone at (719 659 6035). 
I am seeing private pay clients only in my limited practice. Unfortunately I have found the restraints that insurance companies have placed upon valid treatment strategies (that will be reimbursed) to be far too restrictive in providing quality and optimal client care [For example, before I could be reimbursed for couples or marital therapy, I would first need to diagnose the insured as having 'a major mental illness' that necessitated such treatment. Whereas I see many high functioning couples, few of whom have a 'major mental illness,') I would not be reimbursed at all for what The professional community views as the 'standard of care' --the most benificial form of therapy for the presenting problem (marital satisfaction) in over half of my clients!]
My normal fee is $200 for a 45 minute to one hour session. In cases of extreme financial hardship, I will work with you to make sure that financial difficulties do not keep you from getting the help you need. We will negotiate an acceptable rate during the first session in such cases. The first session may go longer for time to get to know each other a bit and time for just 'talking story.'  
My office is located in our home at 20 Poko Pl., Hilo, 96720. Geographically, our home is out on old Pauka'a Point, just Makai of Pauka'a, off of Ku'ikahi.  The right turn onto Ku'ikahi is about 6 miles North of Ken's Pancakes, out past the Alae Cemetary and 3 turns after you go over (North of) the Honoli'i bridge. (The address should show on google maps online.) My mailing address is the same as my home address.)
Please feel free to either email me or call me if you have further questions.
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