Welcome to Team Pango's Website.
Team Pango is made up of 5 classes.  
All the year 4 to year 6 students are in Team Pango. 
This is a place to find out what we are all about and the learning that is happening in our team. Please visit often to keep up with the latest.

Team Pango this year is:
Room 1 Year 4 & 5 with Miss Anna Wallis  annaw@awapuni.school.nz
Room 2 Year 5 & 6 with Mrs Sherryl Gomm sherryl@awapuni.school.nz
Room 3 Year 5 & 6 with Miss Tania Forster tania@awapuni.school.nz
Room 4 Year 5 & 6 with Miss Alanna Morrow-Rankin alanna@awapuni.school.nz
Room 6 Year 4 with Mrs Janine Bava janine@awapuni.school.nz
Team Pango leader & DP: Cheryl Torrie cheryl@awapuni.school.nz

Visit our blogs by clicking on this link. Previews of blogs are on this page and inks are on this page and you can visit the blogs to read more from there.
Remember that Room 1 and Room 2 students have their own blogs. Links to these are found on the Rm1&2 blogs
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Whakataukī o te wa:

Team Pango Philosophy:
this was co-constructed with the students in the team at the beginning of the year