Start of 2016

posted 30 Jan 2016, 23:08 by Cheryl Torrie

First day of school coming up.
When students get to school they can put their bag in the cubby they used last year and go and play with their mates. When the first bell goes at 8.55am, they need to grab their bag and head to the Hall for Assembly. They will sit in their class line from last year. 
Mr Langford will talk at Assembly then we will call to the classes to move off with their teachers starting with Room 1 and moving through to the younger classes. 
See you on Tuesday morning!

First Day of School 2016

posted 18 Jan 2016, 16:07 by Cheryl Torrie   [ updated 18 Jan 2016, 16:08 ]

Our first day is 
Tuesday 2 February
Assembly will be at 8.55am. Students are to bring their bag and sit in their class line from last year.

Stationery Prices & other costs

posted 18 Jan 2016, 16:05 by Cheryl Torrie

Stationery Prices 2016
Year 4/5/6 $39.00
Year 3 $40.00
Year 2 $42.00
Year 1 $38.00

Bus Trips 2016
Team Pango(Years 4-6) $22.00
Team Kowhai (Years 0-3) $15.00

Mathletics 2016 (Years 4-6) $30.00

School Donation
$45 per year for the 1st child in the family
$20 per year for the 2nd and subsequent child in each family

Beginning the 2016 school year

posted 18 Jan 2016, 16:04 by Cheryl Torrie

Happy New Year Whanau. Just a let you know the office hours in the last week of school so you can come and start organising back to school stuff. 

Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th January
*****Open 10am to 2pm********

Thursday 28th January
*****Open 1pm to 3.30pm********

Friday 29th January
***** 9am to 2pm***********

SCHOOL STARTS *****Tuesday 2nd February*******
Assembly at 9.00am.

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays.

Awapuni School Website

posted 3 Oct 2014, 22:42 by Cheryl Torrie   [ updated 3 Oct 2014, 22:43 ]

Welcome to the new Awapuni School website! Please explore the tabs. This is a "work in progress" site and one that can be easily edited, revised. Let us know what information you would like to see on it by filling in the form on the contact page

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