Term 3 Homelearning Challenges

 Date Challenge Roll of Honour
Week 10

 How is this maths art made?
Can you draw one by hand or create one online?

maths art with axis.JPG
Benjamin - he drew his then took a photo of it 
Week 7 & 8
1 - 12 September
The Fibonacci sequence starts with 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34...
Can you write the next 10 numbers in the sequence.
Who is Fibonacci?
How did he discover this sequence?
Can you draw a Fibonacci Spiral?
And what on earth has a sunflower got to do with all this?

2 gotchas for completing the sequence
2 gotchas for a paragraph (more than one sentence) about Fibonacci's discovery.
2 gotchas for drawing the spiral.
2 gotchas for putting all this on your blog.
Benjamin - he even drew his own spiral and has a photo of it
Georgia R
Week 6
25 - 29 August
Draw a diagram of your heart and label it.
Give 5 reasons why we should eat healthy food
2 gotchas for your diagram
2 gotchas for each reason you write
2 gotchas if you post this challenge on your blog
Melea - complete with a diagram of the heart
Keighan put her 5 reasons on her blog
Michaela put her 5 reasons on her blog
Khortny - look for her list in the comments 
Georgia R she scanned her hand-drawn diagram onto her blog
Luke put his 5 reasons on his blog
Rongo-Quai completed the challenge
Samara who also scanned her hand-drawn diagram
Cullum put a diagram on his blog
Benjamin who took a photo of his diagram to get it on his blog
Summa put her 5 reasons on her blog
Maia written like an exposition
Joe-Dee - ka pai for getting this up! 
Kasey 5 reasons here on her blog
Terrin drew the food pyramid on his blog
Week 5
18 - 22 August
We are commencing a study about Breakfast food next week. Keep a diary of what you eat for breakfast this week:
2 gotchas per day recorded on the table in your Homelearning book
2 gotchas for posting this table on your blog
Collect any packaging from breakfast food as your family finishes with it. Bring it to school.
 These people were able to post their table on their blog...
Rongo-Quai (even though he was away most of the week)
Samara - a very nice looking table it is too!
Week 4
11 - 15 August
To make a Mnemonic to help remember the order of the planets from the sun These people could recite the order of the planets:
Ryland, Laura, Maia, Luke, Te Aroha, Melea, Rongo-Quai, Keith, Keighan, Terrin, Samara, Mason, Dylan, Tara, Cullum, Georgia R.
Well done to these people!
Week 3
4 - 8 August
  •  Find the final medal table from the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014
  • write 5 maths facts that use fractions, ratios or proportions
  • 2 x gotchas for each fraction maths fact
  • 2 x gotchas if published on your blog
  • 2 x gotchas if one of your parents comment on your blog
Melea's week 3 blog post
Benjamin's blog post - he put the whole medal table on his blog
Samara's blog post
Georgia R's blog post
Mason's blog post
Troy's blog post
Joeldayne's blog post
Rongo-Quai's blog post
Maia's blog post
Week 2
28 July - 1 August
  • Write 20 maths facts about a sport. This has been modelled at school so everyone knows what to do.
  • Minimum = 10 facts. Maximum = 20 facts.
  • 1 x gotcha for each fact
  • Publishing on your blog = 5 gotchas
  • Commenting on your blog by your parents = 5 gotchas
Congratulations to these people who have earned 30 gotchas.
Click on their name to view their blog
Melea - 10 pin bowling
Benjamin - Hockey
Georgia R - Football
Joeldayne - Shot Put
Troy - Rugby
Grace - Table Tennis