Learning Pathways

Choose from these online learning options to take you learning to another level... 

with Elsa & Anna from Frozen at Code.org

Coding Scratch (MIT) website

Animation of the Heart made on Scratch
Scratch Wiki - with help sections

Hubble Space Telescope 
Who invented the first telescope?
How do telescopes work?
Can you research these questions and write a report?

ABCya! Animate
make you own animation here

Learn more about the Human Body
Virtual Body: take the narrated tour

Khan Academy:
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Famous Scientists & Mathematicians:
learn more about these scientists we have talked or read about...
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei on Ducksters for Kids
Galileo - 20 things you don't know about him

All about Fibonacci  read about his life and times and how he worked mathematically
The Fibonacci Sequence - find out about the numbers in the sequence. An art activity to do.

Lego Game Builder: build and play your own Lego game