Marianne Knox

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Carol Ann Erickson

Carol Ann Erickson is an International Faculty member and instructor for the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. She teaches Brain Gym Introductory Workshops, the Brain Gym 101 Course, Optimal Brain Organization, and Visioncircles. She is the co-creator of Brain Gym for Educators and the Brain Gym for Educators Instructor’s Course. Over the past twenty-three years, Carol Ann has successfully used this specialized technology with educators and athletes. In addition to the Educational Kinesiology work, Carol Ann has studied with Harald Blomberg and is an instructor of Rhythmic Movement Training. She has successfully implemented this program with therapist, parents and children. It has been a wonderful complementary movement program to the Movement Exploration Series.

Recognized for outstanding achievement by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation of North America, Carol Ann consults privately with children, teens, adults, families, athletic teams, and various other groups. She has over thirty years’ experience as a private instructor and public schoolteacher at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. Along with teaching comes a strong background of thirty five years’ coaching experience at all levels, from recreational to Olympic athletes. Carol Ann has been a guest speaker and clinician at high schools, colleges and recreational youth programs, both in the U.S and internationally. Drawing on her extensive background, Carol Ann has designed innovative programs to integrate Educational Kinesiology into schools, occupational and physical therapy programs, homes, athletic programs, and work places. These programs provide the tools for group, team and individual improvement in stress management, communication, self-esteem, cooperation, academic skills, comprehension, memory, and whole-body movement.

Julie Gunstone

Julie Gunstone has been an Educational Kinesiologist for the past twenty years. She has a practice in Melbourne, Australia. As a member of Faculty for the International Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Julie teaches in Australia and overseas, the various courses for people wishing to become professionally qualified as Brain Gym® Consultants/ Instructors. She is currently the Chairperson of International Faculty. Julie has been working with Carol Ann Erickson in the Educating Ecuador Project.

 In Australia, she takes Brain Gym® into the classroom teaching both teachers and students how to use Brain Gym® to improve learning readiness. She has received awards from Brain Gym International, and The Australian Kinesiology Foundation for her contributions to Kinesiology.

Manu Akshobhia

At the age of 18 be began to develop an interest in Yoga and Meditation, in parallel with Philosophy studies at the University level.  After which he got also involved in sociologic research to support sustainable development.

He is now a senior teacher in Agama Yoga. He has taught workshops, intensive programs and retreats in Thailand, Turkey, Canada, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Holland.  He is the co-founder of the Agama branch located in Dharamsala India.   Under Rajkumar Baswar he developed an extensive practice in Tantric mantra meditation and he developed and organized several pilgrimages in India.

Since 2009 he has also been involved in the Path of the Heart with Sri Prem Baba exploring the depth of the connection between psychology and spirituality.

The workshops and retreats that Manu teaches are a harmonious synthesis of all these different influences using different techniques and teachings according to the theme of the workshop and the needs of the participants.