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Grade LevelTeacher NamePhone Ext.Website Links
Grade LevelTeacher NamePhone Ext.Website Links
0-Kinder Brittney Ford 2242  
0-Kinder Cheryl Glover 2231 Click for class website 
0-Kinder Destiny Briceno 2233  
0-Kinder Lauretta Macy 2232 Click for class website 
0-Transitional Kinder Debbie Hair 2243  
1st Grade Dawn Hove 2245  
1st Grade Julie Daws 2244  
1st Grade Leslie McNenly 2256 Click for class website 
1st Grade Tammie Cherney 2241  
2nd Grade Anne Arnt 2255  
2nd Grade Ann McLain 2251  
2nd Grade Maggie Wilson 2253  
2nd Grade Mary Stone 2252 Click for class website 
2nd Grade Victoria Reynolds 2254  
3rd Grade Alaura Peticolas 2263  
3rd Grade  Bill Clay 2264  
3rd Grade Jody Carter 2262 Click for class website 
3rd Grade Mendy Harper 2266  
3rd Grade Pam Gillette 2261  
4th Grade  Barbara McNelis 2275  
4th Grade Debbie Taylor 2273  
4th Grade  Jessica Towers 2274  
4th Grade Ron Franko 2272  
5th Grade Diane Wieczorek 2809  
5th Grade  Michele Thorn 2803 Click for class website 
5th Grade Paulette Bankson 2802  
5th Grade Tracy Cox 2810  
6th Grade David Bateman 2812  
6th Grade Debbie Boyd 2806  
6th Grade Kris Karlgren 2811  
6th Grade  Wendy Bastianon 2805  
7th/8th Social Science Mary Ann Shoup 2820 Click for class website 
7th Language Arts Melanie Thompson 2818  
7th Math/Engineering Design/VEX & Lego Robotics Jared Wolf 2808/2825  
7th Math/SS Monica Arcilla 2817 Click for class website 
7th Science  Wendy Thielen 2813  
8th Language Arts Debbie Wolf 2821 Click for class website 
8th Math Rick Russell 2807  
8th Science Sean Gillette 2819 Click for class website 
8th SS/Broadcast/Dig. Publishing Blythe Fuge 2814 Click for class website 
Band Andrew Covarrubias 2822  
ELA 6th-8th/ASB Paula Fitzpatrick 2823  
Instructional Coach Julie Bussey 2246  
PE 7th Hope Young 2832/2824  
PE 8th/Industrial Arts Eric Koester 2829  
SAI Class 6th - 8th Mike Schmidt 2816  
SAI Class K - 5th  Samuel Mitchell 2221  
Speech Kari McBride 2260  
Vanguard Counselor Brenda Ramirez 2203  
Vanguard Office Manager Chris Sepulveda 2217  
Showing 50 items