Monthly Updates and Information

News For October
Can you believe it is Fall already?  Now that the morning air is a little chilly we need to remind our students to bring jackets and dress appropriately.  If your child brings a sweater or jacket, please put their name on it.  Our lost and found fills up very fast with jackets being left on the playground or in the quad areas.
Our year has gotten off to a great start.  The 8th graders have transitioned very smoothly.  Recently, one of our 8th grade students shared with me how much she likes the smaller atmosphere because "she can really get to know her teachers and her teachers can get to know her. They are able to identify where she is having difficulty and she can focus better on her academics." That was coming from a new student. Hearing that comment just made me smile and realize that my staff has accomplished what we set out to when we first thought about adding middle school grades.
Each grade level has been very busy learning common core standards and diving right into hands on projects.  Our 6th graders have began to work on Science Fair projects already!! Fourth grade, had their first jog/walk-a-thon to help raise money for field trips that they would like to go on.  First grade, has been busy preparing for "Grandparents Day," and Kindergarten has been learning what school is all about!  These are just a few things that some of our grades have been actively taking part in.

 Principal's Message
Welcome to Rio Vista School of Applied Learning! I am so excited to have your child(ren) at our school. We will continue with our motto from last year where students will be Encouraged, Enriched, and Empowered with their academics. Rio Vista provides a challenging and rewarding educational experience for every child. Teachers and support staff encourage their students to be critical but creative thinkers, while building confidence and character. Speaking of "Character," this year we will be fully implementing the Character Counts program. There are six pillars to this program. We have started working with the kids on the first pillar and will continue through the rest of this month. 
This is a great program and Rio Vista is very excited to be implementing it school wide. The students will have a daily lessons to go with each month's pillar. Follow our newsletter each month to see what new pillar your child will be learning about in class.
 We love parent volunteers, but in order to be involved in the classroom all volunteers must complete a district application and go through a screening process. Volunteers are also required to have a current TB test. Applications may be picked up in the school office or print the application here Volunteer Application. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your application to be cleared. For those of you who have gone through this process you must complete a new application each year. Renewal applications have been sent by the district office and are to be turned into the Human Resources department at the district. 
 Parent's Corner
Where Parents are invited to submit positive school related articles.

Lion Chat Hotline
This is an anonymous texting website to inform the school of what's happening! It is a way for students to let us know if they are being bullied by another student, having problems with their classes (subject matter) or friends. Posters have been placed in all classrooms with the free text number. This website is monitored 24/7. Its intentions are to help keep the school informed of possible fights and safety concerns. 
This is not for reporting absence or false accusations about others. It truly is an emergency hotline for students. 
I realize that we are all busy and in a hurry in the mornings as well as the afternoons. However, we are never too busy to practice safety rules for the sake of our children. It is extremely important that we all follow the pick-up and drop-off procedures properly. When we all implement safety procedures we are all guaranteeing the safety of all students. Dropping students off in the middle of the street is completely unacceptable and is not safe. It is very difficult for the buses to exit the turn around due to cars being parked on Havasu across from the driveway. Going through the car pick-up is the safest way. Please, do not walk up to the car pick up gates expecting a child to be released from there. This is not a walker's gate and therefore, you will always need to go to the office.
Just a reminder, if you are tired of the long lines in the car pick up area, you may have the option of having your child/ren ride the bus. Students enjoy riding the school bus while making friends, and the best part is you avoid the car pick-up line altogether.
Please keep in mind that we are dismissing over 900 students at the same time and are trying to get each child home safely to you. So please be patient and understanding. Do not block the intersection, follow the proper flow of traffic and please do not cut in line. By doing these things you are slowing down the pick up process. Please don't yell at the teachers as they are just trying to keep your children safe. I promise it will settle down out their soon.
Student Drop-Off and Pick Up Procedures
Our new school hours are 8:10a.m.-2:40p.m. All students are always to be dropped off in the upper campus parking lot. This is the ONLY morning drop off area and is the safest. Students may enter the campus at 7:50 a.m. Please do not drop students off before, since there is no adult on campus to watch them.
Student drop off, pick up and school dismissal procedures are designed to provide safety for our students and our parents. All designated school exit areas will be supervised by staff at school dismissal. We will do our best to keep traffic flowing smoothly during the dismissal pick-up; however, please keep in mind our first responsibility will be to dismiss students in a safe and orderly manner. You may need to spend 10-15 minutes waiting for dismissal traffic to clear before getting to the parking lot. Since our school is growing, it is necessary to designate pick-up areas for our students. This has been designed with the safety of all children in mind.
After school pick up is as follows:
  • Students in grades K-4, that are car transport will be assigned to the upper campus area off of Havasu Rd. for pick up. (This is only for K-4 students that do not have siblings in grades 5-7)
  • Students in grades 5-7 that are car transport will be assigned to the lower "playground" campus off YuccaLoma. Their younger siblings (grades K-4)  will be sent to the lower campus to be picked up with them. 
  • Those of you who carpool, please call the school so that we can assign your entire group to the same area.
  • Students that live within 1.5 miles from the school can be considered walkers. Walkers are "Walkers" and are not to be picked up in the front of the school and leave in a vehicle to avoid the car lines. The school respects our neighbors and does not want to burden them with cars parked in their drive ways, blocking their mail boxes and students walking on their lawns and destroying their flowers.
 By improving our pickup process, traffic conditions become safer for all, including pedestrians and bicyclists. Organized and safer traffic condition will ease the concerns of parents, staff and our surrounding community.
On the first day of school, your child will be given a plastic card that identifies the way that they are to exit the campus each day. This card is their pass to that designated area. If you must change the way your student is to go home for one particular day, please call the office by 1:30 p.m. and we will get a new pass to him or her for that day. The pick up area that your child has been assigned to is listed below. If you have any questioins regarding the assigned area and new pick-up policy please contact the school at 760-240-0280. We hope that each of you enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, August 8, at 8:10 a.m.
UPPER CAMPUS- Vehicles will enter the upper parking lot from Havasu Rd.
LOWER CAMPUS- Vehicles will enter the lower "playground" area from Yucca Loma Rd.