Welcome to Mr. Haglund's Physics Classes!

The purpose of this site is to help students gain access to resources and assignments outside and inside of the classroom.

Mr. Haglund's Schedule:
          • 1st - Physics
          • 2nd - Physics
          • 3rd - Physics
          • 4th - AP Physics 1 & 2
          • 5th - Conference
          • 6th - Engineering Physics

  • You should be able to find Lecture notes, instructional videos, homework solutions, and other helpful resources for all classes.
  • As assignments and labs are posted, they should show up on the course calendars on each page as well. 
    • HOWEVER, it is the student's responsibility to manage when their assignments are due.
  • If anything seems to be missing, let Mr. Haglund know ASAP!

Have fun with this site and if you feel anything should be added or fixed let Mr. Haglund know!

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