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Luis Calderon
7th Grade Tech Class
Room: 28
Phone:(760)-247-2663 Ext. 228



6th & 7th Grade's Richard SImmons & Taylor Swift Performances (link):

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May 28, 2015

     It has been an honor having been your child's 7th grade teacher this school year. Continue to push them to do well even in the summer. Take them to a library, have them go on educational websites or even download educational apps. Do what you can to continue the momentum of progress that they have worked so hard to create. I hope you all have a great summer. As for me, I now begin preparations to become a 4th grade teacher! Good luck to all of my students as 8th graders. Stay gold, my dear students, stay gold.

                - Mr. Calderon
   Important         Dates      

May 29-August 4:
Summer Break

August 5: 
First day of school

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