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21950 Nisqually Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92308

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Kim Brock

CCIS Presentation Fall 2016 How to Build a 21st Century School For 21st Century Learners is in Departments!

High Desert Premier Academy is an Alternative School of Choice serving grades K-12. The schoois a Support System for families that provides curriculum, teaching strategies, materials, learning communities, learning environments, assessment opportunities and social interactions as they continue to teach their children after the first 5!

Vision: High Desert Premier Academy, with the combined efforts of parents, teachers, students, and the Apple Valley community, will create learning environments which will empower students to become self-directed learners, critical thinkers, and effective communicators, who apply their learning and skills beyond High School. As outlined by California State Standards, we will train our students to communicate and collaborate across 21st century information, sources, and technologies responsibly, and be productive contributing members of their communities.

OUR MISSION: “Through diversified education, High Desert Premier Academy is to be the cornerstone which empowers the lives of our students, parents, and community. From cradle to career, students are nurtured to maximize their potential; we prepare them to learn and apply 21st Century and globally competitive skills with integrity, which produce lifelong learners, future leaders and productive members of society.”