Email Migration

Step 1

By completing the information in the page below, your email will automatically be forwarded to your new gnspes email account. This will also move email and folders from your old email account into your new account. Migration can take up to 24 hours so please be patient.

Please be sure to enter your complete email addresses in both boxes, 

ex. brian.trottier@staff.ednet.ns .ca or and

Include gadget (iframe)

Directions for Allowing Less Secure Apps


To open your new email from the gnspes launch page,
simply click on the Mail icon.

or from within Google, click on the navigation icon and choose Mail.

Step 2

Migrate Contacts from old email accounts (If you are using address books)

To migrate contacts  you must first export your address book and then import the contacts into your gnspes account. The links below will take you to videos showing the steps required to complete this process.