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Properties of Water

As we explore chemical compounds, it is important to make special consideration for water. It may be the most important chemical compound on Earth!
properties of water

Part One:

During class, pair up with a another student to look at the properties of water. Use the USGS website below:

Properties of Water to be Observed:

  • Adhesion/cohesion
  • capillary action
  • Specific Heat Capacity
  • Surface Tension
  • As a solvent

Create a web in your notes that examines each of the properties of water. output sample

Then, read about reach property on the website and complete the web using the information you've learned. Remember, defining terms is very important in this activity. 

Also read this article about discovering water-bound to minerals on Mars. How do you think this would impact what we know about life in our solar system.


Conduct the Water Olympics in class and make observations in your science notebook.  After you complete the Water Olympics, be sure you complete the notebook entries. See below:

Water Olympics Output Activity (pdf)

Example response setup for part A (pdf)

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