Everything You Need to Know About Atoms

Atoms and their properties

What is an atom, and the Electron Cloud? (period G)

A3 Movie ‎‎(period )‎‎


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Layer C - Basic Knowledge - MAX 25 points
Layer B - Advanced Practice
- MAX 35 points
Layer A - Assessment - MAX 40 points 

All students must take the unit test!


Submit a Useful Link: During the layered curriculum, submit a helpful link for the website! 
2 pts - factual scientific information/visually great 
1 pt - factual science information/not visually great
0 pts - not helpful or repeated link. 

Duplicate links do not get extra credit so be sure to see the Helpful Websites on the website!

A layered curriculum is a unit of study designed to allow you to choose activities from a menu of possible activities. Students will be introduced to particular topics in class in daily “mini-lessons.” Students should plan ahead and turn in activities on a regular basis. The layered curriculum is accompanied with a sheet that indicates all of the offered activities and their point value. Students cannot earn more than the maximum number of points for each of the layers. Many assignments and notes are available on this website for download. Some activities require the use of a computer. The grade for the layered curriculum will be reported as a single grade on Edline out of 100 points with a weight of 300 points.

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