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Quiz-Density review

 This quiz is part of the game board in science class (weighted to 50 points).

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HW Answers Determining Density
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The equation for density will not be printed on the quiz!

Important facts to know:

Density; mass / volume;  Two objects that have the same shape (or volume) but differ in mass, the heavier object has a larger density (or is denser)
Volume; liquid measurement g/mL    or   solids g/cm3  measures that amount of matter within a substance
The density of water is 1.0 g/mL or 1.0 g/cm3
If an object floats in water, it's density must be less than that of water (or less dense).
If an object sinks in water, it's density must be higher than that of water (or more dense).

Skills you must show:
  1. Calculate volume if you are given the dimensions of a shape.
  2. Calculate the density of an object if you are given its mass and volume.
  3. Compare substances in terms of their densities and their relationship to water (1 g/mL)

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