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Enrichment Activities





Density Sleuth DB

Density Sleuth

This award is presented for uncovering the true densities of matter in the science lab. Students in lab 110 worked to review the densities of matter and generate  profiles of those densities. The completion of this experience included calculations and inferences obtain while working in the lab.

Completion of the density enrichment experience in the lab.

Mystery Powders Digital Badge

Mystery Powders Lab

This award is presented for investigating unknown powders in the science lab and determining their identities.  Students in lab 110 worked to understand the names of similar white powders in the lab. Students were told to create a protocol to examine the interactions of known white powders with various tests. Using the protocol, the students were to uncover the identities of the unknown substances.  

Successful creation of a lab protocol using physical and chemical changes to determine the identities of substances.

Buoyancy DB


This award is presented for designing a craft to use the buoyancy rise and fall.  Students in lab 110 investigated submarines and attempted to use differences in density to lift/lower a model craft in a tank of water.

Successful completion of this project concluded with a craft that was able to use densities to lift/lower a craft in water.