A8 Unit A assessment choice

For unit A, students have a choice as their final assessment of science skills. Students are to look over the list below. Also note the due dates. More information about each assessment can be found on the science website under “A8 Unit A Assessments.” Click on the links below to learn more about each assessment opportunity. 


Name                                              Type                             Due Date

Unit Test                              Individual              September 13, 2016

Research Paper                    Individual              September 26, 2016

Scientist Profile                    Pairs                       October 3, 2016

Science Experiment             Pairs                       October 24, 2016


 Unit A Test  Students who opt to take the unit test will receive a standard paper/pencil test. The details of the test and the study guide can be found on the science class website
research paper
Research Paper  For students who would like to review a particular scientific theory or law can choose to complete a research paper. The details and scoring of the research paper can be found on the science class website. 
Scientist Profile Presentation  In the scientist profile, students will create an artifact (powerpoint, prezi, Google Slides, animation, poster board, or some other product) to explain how the scientist came up with his or her ideas. The details and scoring of the research paper can be found on the science class website. 
 Science Experiments  The science experiment is an opportunity for students to try out their own investigation! Students are to think of a problem or scientific question. The students are to use the parts of a science experiment as a setup guide. The final report of the science experiment is due before the end of the first-nine weeks.