Events for Experts in Bridge Design and Construction - 2017 

Avonworth Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA
As students in the 8th grade proceed through this project, we are seeking help from experts in the fields of engineering and design of bridges. This is the fifth year for the bridge building and design exposition at Avonworth Middle School! Interested experts can RSVP for our events by emailing

 Doug Haskins.

student bridge
2016 Bridge Design Day - May 4 Lesson plan

We need help to learn more about bridges. Students have explored basic design and application of bridges. They have explored the different bridges in Pittsburgh and how their basic design leads to a practical bridge. Building a greater knowledge base for design and construction of bridges is essential for the task, and we need engineers to help students learn more about bridge construction! 

What will the class look like when the experts visit?

The students will meet in classrooms with 23-26 students per class. The experts will explain their backgrounds and what they do as an engineer. The class will discuss the basic design elements for a good bridge. Students will continue to work on their designs for their bridge and show their ideas to the experts. The experts will give the student feedback on what would be good additions or improvements to the bridge. Read the lesson plan here!

Next Step

After learning from our guest experts, students are going to construct their models to be tested for stability at the exposition and test day!


2017 Exposition and Test - May 31

Bridge live load test
Lesson plan

We are also inviting experts to our exposition of student bridges and the test of the bridge’s capacity to with stand collapse. The experts will help the students to reveal more about their bridge design and give them feedback.

Experts are welcome to come May 4, May 31, or both days! To participate, experts can email Doug Haskins.
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